How I’m growing my dry, damaged nails (An in depth routine).

A couple of years ago I chatted about how I was trying to grow my nails in a post and here I am still trying (so it’s going well). However, this time I am fully determined to grow my nails out and I thought I’d share the process with you over the next few weeks.

Where I’m starting

After a good 6 months of falsies my nails were feeling completely suffocated. The above photo is a huge improvement compared to when I first pinged off every nail (as much as it killed) but there’s plenty more I want to do with them. It’s easy to see my nails aren’t in the best condition and these are my plans for the next few weeks.

Using a nail strengthener regulary

I’ve had a bottle of Sally Hanson nail hardener in my draw for a few months now and I’ve started applying it over the last few weeks. I do feel like it is strengthening my nails. However, it peels off easily and you’re left applying it every few days which uses a lot of product. So I think I’m going to use this one up because I don’t want to waste it and then switch it out as soon as I can. I’ve also switched to a moisturising nail varnish remover as well.

No picking and No false nails

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love me a set of false nails but regardless they have killed my nails. After about 6 months of consistently wearing them my nails are just so damaged and I know a lot of it is that I rip them off once I lose one. I think for the sake of my nails I just need to stay far away from them. I also think short nails look super cute when they’re painted and they’re far more practical.

Using products that really Nourish.

I always chuck a hand cream in my bag but 9/10 times I just don’t use it. I’ve started religiously (a handful amount of times daily) using my hand cream mainly to help with my insanely dry skin on my hands but I have noticed that it’s benefited my nails as well, they look a lot less dry and they’re growing (finally). At the moment I’m using The Body Shops strawberry hand cream but as soon as that’s finished I’m going to go back to the Soap and glory hand food because I remember last time it worked so, so well on my nails. I’ve also been using the ‘Dirty works’ hand and cuticle balm, I haven’t really used anything for my nails which is a solid balm but I’m really impressed with this, it’s really nourishing and i can feel it making a difference in terms of hydrating my nails and cuticles, I’m honestly so impressed with it.

Week 1

January 10th – Week 1

Week 2

Week 2 – January 17th

I Whilst I was going through stock at work I managed to snap the longest nail I’d grown so far which was on my right hand (the retail gods have not been kind to me) but instead of ripping the rest of it off which I’d almost always do I just cut it down and filed it. Growth. I really think there is growth coming along (slowly). Though some are still brittle and breaking I think they’re getting there.

Week 3
Week 3 – 28th January

I’m having such a craving to get my false nails back on, it’s ridiculous. My nails are slowly growing (they are still so fragile) but my patience for them to be long is not. I am still going to try and conquer on and leave the falsies off. They do however, crave a fresh coat of sally Hanson.

Week 4

A whole month has passed since starting this challenge and I think my nails are in a much, much better condition now. My nails feel stronger and they’re actually growing which they never really have. I’ve tried so hard to not pick at them which is easier said than done in some situations (nervous habit) but they are still breaking easy and around 4 more broke after this photo at work whilst doing stock, so I might end up caving and going back to my falsies. However, at least I know I can grow them if I have the will power too!.

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