Mini boots haul

Here we are, my first haul of the year what a milestone. I’ve made a vow this year to not impulsively spend money as much and only buy things I need rather than ending up with 1000 of the same eyebrow crayon “just in case”.


So I’m kicking the haul of with a skincare staple of mine, the Soap and Glory Summer Scrubbin. This one is my favourite scrub, of all time. It does actually scrub properly unlike some others, but it’s also gentle enough from the gel and it’s quite hydrating as well and it smells amazing, in my opinion you can’t beat it.

Next up is the Vaseline intensive care cocoa radiant butter. I used to use the Vaseline body butters a few years ago and I really liked them but I just stopped buying them for some reason, I saw this on boots and it was dirt cheap so I thought I’d give it a little go again. I also picked up the Vaseline aloe sensitive deodorant which is so gentle on your underarms, I’d definitely recommend it.

Hair care

So usually for my shampoo and conditioner I always buy the John Frieda frizz ease collection which I’ve chatted about a few times on my blog. However, I decided to give the Garnier Ultimate blends duo a shot (mainly because I’m skint and it was £4 for the two). I’ve used it once so far and I really like how it’s left my hair, I did use this a fair bit a few years back as well and I think I might have a new go-to.


My favourite section, the makeup. The first thing I went for was the natural collection gel top coat. I’ve used this a few times before and it’s actually really nice, it’s thick and it lasts what more could you want. On the theme of nails I also picked up a nail varnish remover, I’ve gone for the moisturising range because I’m trying to grow my nails a little (I’ll be chatting about that in a post later on). I’m hoping it’ll nourish my nails a bit mor than my classic £1 bottle from Poundland.

I also picked up a concealer, I went for my classic collection lasting perfection concealer. I’ve hyped this up a few times on my blog and I still love it to this day. It’s affordable, it stays and it covers so well and the lightest colour (0) is perfect for my skin tone. Sticking with makeup I picked up the wet and wild brow crayon and I am obsessed with it. It’s the perfect colour for my brows (E627A) and I love that it has a spoolie on the end, just makes blending a lot easier. This is the one of the first things I’ve tried from the brand and I’m really impressed with them so far.

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