Beauty staples that have made it into 2020 with me.

As much as I’ve downsized my makeup collection throughout 2019 (and I have, a lot) there’s always products that seem to stick around for months and months; some of these products have made it through to another year and I wanted to share those staples with you today.

MUA Pro base primer oil with gold flakes

I wanted to start with something that I never thought would make it into this list, not for a second. As someone with combination skin (in some parts oily) I would never reach for an oil based primer and I’ve never known them to be recommended either. This one has sat in my draw for a few weeks because I daren’t touch it but after running out of my Rimmel fix & perfect primer I had to reach for this and I’ve used it daily since. I am careful with it just in case so I use roughly 4 tiny drops (really tiny) and I work it into clean skin and that seems to work lovely for me and for £4 I’ll definitely be using it religiously through the winter months this year.

Dr pawpaw balms

These are something I found out about from Mrs Hinch (I literally love her instagram) she mentioned them in a makeup routine and it looked lovely on her I then received one in my May glossybox and absolutely loved it, I think I’m going to extend my collection next year to the nudes collection which I spotted on beauty bay. At the moment I’m using the original and the hot pink balms.

Too faced melted lipsticks

I love a matte lip and I think I’ve found my new favourite (I know bold statement). I actually got brought my first one for Christmas which was from the Gingerbread range . from my best friend but it’s been used most days since. the applicator is so precise it makes it so easy to apply, the pigment is insane which is perfect because I hate having to build up lipsticks and the stay power is next level. The only ‘downside’ is that they are drying (I’m not going to lie to you) but i do expect that with the stay power and it’s 100% worth it.

Revolution reloaded highlighters

I’ve always been a Revolution fan, as you can probably tell and I used to use their highlighters a fair bit. However, I started to use different brands and I just didn’t reach for them that often until I brought some more a few weeks ago. I first picked up the ‘reloaded’ highlight in raise the bar but I managed to drop it and smash it classic but I need to pick that up again because it was the perfect gold shade for me. I also have the shade ‘set the tone’ which is the perfect icy white.

L’Oréal infallible foundation

I’ve always really struggled to find a foundations that works for me . I have awkward skin, it’s combination (Oily, Dry, Sensitive) and a complete nightmare. So when I found that the L’Oréal Infallible foundation works fairly well for me I was made up. This is the first drugstore foundation that has really stuck around in my collection, I use the lightest shade because it can oxidise. However, I really rave about this, it has its downsides as does every product but I do think the pros outweigh the cons on this one and I’d be happy to do a full in depth review on this one if anyone would like it.

Real techniques powder sponge

I heard about this a few weeks ago it was on a beauty Youtubers channel but I can’t for the life of me remember her name. However when she used it, it looked amazing and I knew I had to get it. So the next day I went to Superdrug with the sole intention of buying this (that’s a 20 minute journey for me) because it looked that good. The girl behind the till raved about it to us and that sold it even more. This is something I knew was going to be a staple, I can’t do my makeup without it.

There’s a million more products I could mention; Revolutions palettes, the whole neutropenia clear skin range and so many more but those are the ones that really stuck out for me. What products did you love In 2019?.

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