Everything you need to know about January’s Glossybox. Full Review & first impressions

Roughly a year ago I made the decision to register for Glossybox after being utterly betrayed by Birchbox (aka they sent me the same product about 4 boxes in a row). I did enjoy getting a little monthly treat through my door never the less and I thought Glossybox looked a bit more me and what a year it’s been with them. I’ve found some utter staples through Glossybox and I’ve had a few products that flopped like hell. As always I love sharing with you what’s in my boxes and if the products are a holy grail or massive fail, So grab a cuppa, we’re doing our monthly ritual and unboxing this months Glossybox.

The theme & Design

January’s glossybox is central around ‘Sleep and refresh’ and let’s be honest we could all do with a little refresh from time to time. I really think this month the products actually do fit the theme (face mask, skincare and the box On a whole just oozes freshness) so I’m going to hand it to them, they’ve done good so far. 5/5.

The design is just your classic Glossybox pink and black this month which I think I prefer because it takes less pressure away from the theme 3/5.

Overall Theme / Design score – 8/10

The products

So let’s get into it properly, the most important part of the box, the actual samples.

Bybi strawberry booster

I think I was most intrigued by this one, it sounds so refreshing and it’s so natural as well with one ingredient which is strawberry seed oil. You can use it on its own or add it to your moisturiser which I think I’m going to do, it doesn’t have the instant hit of strawberries in scent but it’s there, this just gives you that extra boost of moisture without all the hidden nasties.

Basic beauty tweezers

These are just your classic tweezers really which is why I choked when I saw they were £15. but after a bit of a google search apparently most tweezers are around this price and I’m pretty out of touch with my £3 boots tweezers. They are very precise however and they’re cute but Personally I just wouldn’t pay it.

Model co clear brow gel

I’ve recently started using brow gel after a while of using powders and I honestly forgot how amazing it is. Even if I’m not wearing makeup having your brows combed out you look like you’ve made an effort. However, I feel like there’s barely any product in this tube even from using it the first time. I do understand it’s a sample but I feel like I didn’t really get chance to actually try it because of the little amount of product.

Beauty pro CBD oil infused mask

This one I’m intrigued by. It’s a sheet mask infused with cbd oil, going by the little leaflet you get with the box it sounds promising and even though I don’t have the best history with sheet masks, I’m going to give it a try and see what all the hypes about there.

Naobay Detox Illumiating Micellar Water

This came at a great time for me, I’d just run out of micellar water and I’ve gone back to wipes which I really didn’t want to end up doing. This is a water and I think it has either a oil or a lotion in it that separates. It’s meant for stubborn makeup which is perfect for me, especially for when I’ve layered up on mascara. I don’t however like how oily this is but I’ll save it for a rainy day.

Overall product score

I’m going to give the products a 6/10. I did enjoy using a few of them and I never actually got around to using the face mask personally. However, I’d have like to have seen more make-up in this box, rather than skincare but I can see what they’ve done here.

How did the box do?

Taking everything in to consideration I’m going to give this box a 7/10. I definitely stand by the fact that I would have liked to see more make-up in the box, the skincare I did actually use I have been impressed with (there’s a few flops in this box which I wouldn’t buy again but that is the only thing with subscription boxes. If you’d like to try out glossybox you can sign up here for 20% off using my referral link (not sponsored).

Best product : Strawberry Booster; I feel like this made an actual difference to my skin and it does hydrate nicely, it’s also so handy it being in a pipet, I probably would repurchase this.

Worst Product : Tweezers; I never in my life would pay £15 on a pair of tweezers personally and I don’t feel like they’re much different to what I’d buy from boots, it’ll be interesting to see how long these last.

10 thoughts on “Everything you need to know about January’s Glossybox. Full Review & first impressions

  1. I love this!!!!

    I got this box too everything the same – I thought the boxes were “tailored” like birchbox (Although NOTHING ever fit my skin/hair type)!

    I absolutely L O V E the double effect make up remover, i think it is such a smooth texture and dries/soaks in so nicely on your skin, I much prefer it to normal micaellar water.

    I did an unboxing of this on my Channel so feel free to check that out xxx


  2. This box looks sooo good! Do you know what products will be in the box before it arrives? The Beauty pro-CBD oil-infused mask and also the Bybi strawberry booster it would be perfect to add to your moisturiser and the strawberry scent sounds lovely.


  3. There seems to be some great products in this one, I don’t think a 7/10 is bad for a subscription box as it’s so rare to love everything. I’m really interested in the strawberry booster! x



  4. I heard of this box before, but I never saw what kind of products they include. It sounds like there’s some great products in this month’s box! Thanks for sharing! 🙂



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