Revolution Courage ‘wild’ palette, Lepoard- Review and swatches.

It’s no surprise that I bluddy love revolution; I bang on about it all the time. One of the products they do so well is their palettes and whilst scouring the make-up isles in Superdrug I found one I just couldn’t leave. The Revolution wild animal courage palette in Lepoard.

They’ve based these palette on 3 specific animals; The Tiger, The Zebra and The leopard. The palettes each offer a different take on each animal; The Zebra is represented by eye catching bright shades, The Lepoard contains all the Burgundy’s, copper’s and browns and lastly, the one I picked up is the Tiger palette; Filled with Oranges, crimsons and browns.

The packaging

I am completely obsessed with the packaging on this palette; all three have the print of the animal in the design on the box and palette. I love the fact they’ve used Leopard print on this palette and the actual casing inside the palette are a gorgeous gold. As always with Revolution the palette has a lovely big mirror on it and generous sized pans for the shadows.

Application and pigment

I always boast about how well the Revolution shadows apply, blend etc, so I wont bang on too much about them, I will say however this has lived up to my expectations perfectly and the glitters; oh my god, they’re honestly amazing.

Shades and swatches

Row one.
Row two
Row 3

These are the perfect everyday shades for me, I feel like these burgundy and brown type shades compliment my brown eyes so nicely and it just makes this the perfect palette for me personally.

As with most Revolution palettes there’s 18 shades inside; 9 glitters, 5 mattes and 4 metallic shades; none of the shades have names which is low-key frustrating to me but I’m hugely drawn to the whole palette and whilst I want to name every shade here as usual I’ll (try) to pick a few shades that stand out to me so I’m going to go with; The baby pink glitter, the gold and burgundy metallic, the copper glitter and the dark taupe brown matte.

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