Revolution Roxi colour burst palette – Review & Swatches.

The last time I chatted about a YouTube / Revolution palette collaboration on my blog it was the Soph xtra spice palette, Once the review it’s become part of my daily routine and I still use it to this day for my brows daily & it’s a solid go to (even with a broken mirror). So when I saw Revolution had teamed up with another YouTuber that I love, I had to see what the tea was. I’m going to share with you my impressions of the Roxi colour burst palette, which I picked up a couple of weeks ago (£10 Superdrug).


The outer sleeve to this is buddy gorgeous it’s a blue / purple marble with ‘ROXI’ written in rose gold and I low-key expected the actual palette to be the same design (how bloody gorgeous would that have been). Never the less it’s still pretty With a teal mirrored front and a cream backing very similar to the Soph xtra spice palette. It has a nice big mirror on it which I absolutely love and I’ll try not to drop this one and snap the mirror off like I did the Soph one. The only thing that isn’t great about this is it doesn’t actually show you the colours on the back but it does have the potential too but it’s just numbered empty rectangles which I just thought was a bit weird to be honest, if you was in the shop looking at this (sealed) you’d have to completely wing it.

Application and Pigment

As expected from Revolution, the pigment of these shadows is amazing and they apply really nicely, I generally expected this anyway because revolution are usually pretty spot on with their shadows.

Shades and swatches

I can’t even express to you how much I was drawn to these shades. My collection is very nude / gold based so nice bright colours just stood out to me so much and I thought it’d be absolutely perfect for halloween and Christmas. I love playing around with eyeshadow and I would like to try a few more out there looks than just ya standard pink n silver cut crease so this is perfect. I think my arm was covered in glitter by swatch 3 and I’m still scrubbing it an hour later !.

There’s 18 shades all together; 12 mattes (Timmy, Lemonade, Lavender, Fetch, Dinosaur, Blue Lagoon, Bang Bang, Peaches, Cocoa, Red Velvet, Memories and Twilight) and 6 shimmers (Golden hour, Princess, Botanical, Constellations, Royal and Sky) which is a really good balance in my opinion because I like to build up mattes through the crease and just have a shimmer on the lid. The shades I’m instantly drawn too are Princess, Royal, Sky and constellations (Shimmers) and Peaches, Fetch, Blue Lagoon and Dinosaur (Mattes)

Row 1; Blue lagoon, Dinosaur, Fetch, Lavender, Lemonade, Timmy,
Row 2; Cocoa, Botanical, Peaches, Princess, BangBang, Golden Hour.
Sky, Twilight, Royal, Constellations, Red Velvet

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