Decembers Glossybox – festive or fail?

As always my eyes lit up like a child’s on Christmas when my glossybox came through the front door, I’ve been subscribed to the service for roughly a year now but I still get so excited every time a fresh box arrives, and Decembers box was no exception. In a monthly tradition I’ve come to share my subscription with you guys but was this box worth it or was it a complete festive fail?. I’m going to score this one out of 20 based on; the theme, the design, the products and the overall quality of the products.

The theme

Decembers theme is metallics. However, only about 2 of the products reflect the theme so I’m not too sure how I feel about that one, i think they’d have been better off with just going for a ‘party season’ theme; what with the lashes, lippy and pigment. 1/5

The box design

They’ve gone with a present design for the box, perfect for December. It’s super cute, I love the ones that are a little bit quirky. 3/5

The products

The products in this months box are a hit and miss month for me, whilst some of the products have impressed me some have just been disappointing.

Lashes – I love, love, love the look of these lashes and I really want to start wearing them because I barely ever do and I can’t apply them to save my life. The only downside of these is there is no adhesive included so that’s definitely something to keep in mind if you’re purchasing them. 4/5

Lippy – I received the L.O.V Lip affair lipstick in miriams rosewood. This is a pretty colour and a nice formula but from a swatch I don’t think it’s going to hold up in terms of wearability, I think it’s going to be one of those that needs touching up a lot 3/5

Pigment – I received the Steve Laurent loose pigment. I think this is one of the things I am genuinely impressed with, it fits the theme well, it’s a good quality product and i think it’s one I’ll reach for quite often 5/5

THE Bellapierre liquid eyeshadow is the only other product which I think is true to this theme, it’s also a really good quality product, a highly pigmented liquid eyeshadow which I’d also recommend buffing out into a highlighter because it looks gorgeous as both. I can already sense that this will be soething I reach fro a hell of a lot 5/5

I don’t even know where to start on this last one; the same shower gel I received in a recent box. Maybe this was just old stock they wanted to get rid of and as much as I love the actual product itself it just doesn’t seem like it fits into this box at all, I definitely see this one as more of a summery scent and I wouldn’t associate it with winter or metallics at all! 1/5.

All in all I’d give the products themselves a 3/5

So all together the box has racked up a 7/15 they definitely could have done a lot better on this box as a whole, I hope January’s boxes are a step up from this month (fingers crossed).

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