Christmas markets, a visit from my bestie and the best places for Christmas shopping in Plymouth this year – Blogmas part 2

This might be the first time Charlie’s Wonderland has ever seen Blogmas for more than a week, I’m sticking to it this time for real!.Last week, I was blessed with the presence of my best friend; we walked around Christmas markets and Christmas shopped for ourselves rather than who we was supposed to be buying for oops.

Plymouth Christmas markets

One thing I love about this time of year is all the cute Christmas markets. We walked around the Christmas stalls in Plymouth and they had so many cute stalls such as; wreaths, glow beads and even a bar in a little gazebo. It was all so cute, It was a really nice place to do some Christmas shopping, all the home made crafts would make lovely gifts, I think it would be so much cuter at night but our only choice was to go in the day to get home. They also had the cutest little bauble which we asked someone to take a photo of us in.

Seeing my bestie for the first time in 6 months.

Since I moved, seeing my bestie is a bit of a rarity other than our weekly FaceTime ritual. She decided to come down in December and I’m so glad she did. We had such a lovely time (mainly shopping RIP my bank account) and she actually encouraged me to Bite the bullet and get my first tattoo (a cute little sunflower on my wrist). We had such a lovely week and I look forward to seeing her again soon. We also had a little Christmas whilst she was down, we exchanged gifts and I’m so chuffed with what she brought me.

The best places for Christmas shopping – Plymouth

The cutest little earrings from H&M.

Being local to Plymouth and doing the majority of my shopping there, I can’t speak for many other places in terms of where to shop as well as the markets themselves, Whilst walking through Plymouth and buying more gifts for myself than my family (sorry, guys).

H&M – this year H&M have the cutest little stocking fillers including the little earrings above (which I’ve somehow managed to lose). They also have plenty of afforable gifts such as make-up (honestly guys, their highlighters are to die for), scarves and Nail polishes. They also have a few little bits for the man in your life as well such as Pyjamas, Hats and scarves.

Debenhams – I know Debenhams are usually extra for Christmas but this year oh my god they did good. The shop itself looked amazing and they had such a range of gifts from things under £20 to well yanoe Debenhams your mortgage. One thing I picked up was a lovely Baylis and Harding set with slippers and loads of pamper goodies which was around £20 but I could have done my whole list in there to be honest.

Primark – A classic. Primark is another one who’s done so well this year for Christmas and being the classic Primark, everything is so, so cheap. Absolute dream. So if you’re on a budget head here. There’s plenty of stocking fillers, cute Disney presents and it’s the perfect secret Santa place this year.

New look – Okay, this is me. OF COURSE it’s another clothing store. New look have some bloody cute stuff for Christmas this year, I actually picked up (for myself, classic) my ‘tell me what you want’ pyjamas from here which I think are so cute. But there’s so much I could have brought in here for Christmas.

Boots – It’s hard enough to pull me away from a drugstore as it is and even when you do I’ve got my arms, legs and forehead full of swatches. Boots’ has some really nice Christmas bits in this year, one of my favourites is the TOO FACED Christmas range I was lucky enough to have my bestie treat me to the liquid lipstick for Christmas and Jamie’s let slip that he’s brought me the extra spicy palette which I can’t wait to unwrap on Christmas.

I Hope you loved Blogmas part 2 as much as I did, I can’t believe how quick Decembers going already!.

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