My Christmas decorations – Blogmas part 1

I can’t believe it’s time for Blogmas already, I absolutely love seeing everyone’s Blogmas posts and this year I thought I’d try and actually keep up with posting my own, so here’s part 1 of 4. I thought I’d do my blogmas weekly because it’s a little more realistic for me (I promise one day I’ll do the whole month) and I’m going to keep up with my usual Thursday posting so don’t forget to check those out as well.

The decorations

So, on to my decorations. This year we have had to stick to budgeting because it’s quite an expensive month for us so we have gone stripped back but I’m so happy with the decorations this year. My theme is silver and blue this Year instead of my usual gold and red and I’m really happy with how it looks throughout my flat.

The Tree

My tree is actually of EBay. With Luna having her kittens recently an expensive tree was just not on the cards this year, but maybe next year we can treat ourselves to one. I think it was roughly £20 and there’s so many similar ones on there.

The tree decorations

I am so, so happy with the decorations on my tree this year. I’ve found the most gorgeous decs from the most cheapest places (absolute dream).

Tree baubles and small navvy baubles ( In store – Wilko)
Reindeer light up bauble
‘Large’ blue baubles
Filled glitter baubles
‘Penguin’ Baubles – In store Tkmaxx
Miniature baubles- Amazon, 50p.

Home decor

I’ve gone fairly striped back on my decor this year, I picked up some ‘snowflake’ fairy lights from Aldi and a cute little wreath from Trago. We’re also looking for a mini tree to have out on our side table in the hallway.

Let me know who’s blogmas you’re reading this year and Vlogmas as well, I’d love to check some new ones out!.

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