4 ‘Spooky’ eye looks for halloween.

When it comes to halloween make-up not everyone wants to go hard or go home and if you struggle with the good ol’ fashioned out there make-up and you’re after a more subtle halloween look then you’ve come to the right place because I’ve been scouring Pinterest for the best subtle halloween make-up ideas which are easy and inexpensive. For all these looks I’ve used either the REVOLUTION RELOADED palette (£4) or the REVOLUTION ROXI palette (£10) and I’ve even included a lil tutorial for you. EYELINERS AT THE READY!.

The bat wing liner

I saw this a fair amount last year and I’m sure it’ll resurface this year, I first spotted it from Nikki Tutorials but it’s all over Pinterest and Instagram. It’s a fairly easy one to nail and it looks great alone or with eyeshadow underneath.

The cobweb liner

Another classic and probably one of my favourites (the easiest one). Simply apply your eyeshadow (oranges, reds and yellows work well) and draw n your usual wing and then coming off the liner add some cobwebs where ever you like!.

The angel vs devil eyeshadow

I’ve seen this one around on Pinterest and I love the idea of it and inspired by Octobers Glossybox. One half of your eyeshadow light, airy and angelic and the other half dark, red and devil themed. I think it’s just such a lovely look and it’s so easy to achieve as well.

The cloud eyeshadow – Remastered

Remember when everyone went crazy for cloud eyeshadows?, Well I’ve spotted some that are more halloween tailored (oranges, reds and blacks) and I think this is the perfect halloween eyeshadow for if you don’t want to dress up but you still want a little something, you could even add a little touch of a moon if you fancied.

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