Angel or Devil? – Octobers Glossybox.

Guess what?. My favourite delivery came through the door yesterday. I was really excited for this box to come after seeing hints over on Glossybox’s Instagram to it being a kind of ‘heaven and hell’ theme as well as the sneak peak of the palette in last months box. As soon as I ripped the box open I saw I had the devil box which is the one I was actually hoping for, I thought I’d share my first impressions with you and rate the overall box.


So the actual theme is Angel and Devil and I think this was such a brilliant idea for halloween. The box has been perfectly designed this month, a red themed ‘eye look’ featuring horns and a smokey eye for the devil box and a light delicate look for the angel box featuring a little halo on the other. Halloween inspo anyone?. 10/10

The products themselves

My god, they’ve done well with the products this month, everything fits in with the theme and I’ll definitely use every single one!. Starting with a lovely bath tonight i’m going to pop in the Bubble T cosmetics Devils dust bath powder which sounds utterly dreamy, it has a lovely fruity scent to it and I’m also whacking the Plumping gold face mask straight on, it contains hylauronic acid salts and organic rose water to help achieve a more tonned complexion.

Mke-up wise I’m so excited to use the STYLONDON velvet touch palette, I’ve been lusting after this since seeing the preview for it last month, it’s full of gorgeous reds and oranges and it’s the perfect addition to any autumn make-up collection. There’s also the Lord and Berry maxi matte lipstick crayon in Devil red, generally speaking I don’t really like a matte lipstick crayon I feel like they’re quite drying and can ‘drag’ on the lips but this is such a beautiful shade that I’ll definitely give it a shot. The MCO beauty eye define crayon is another I’m looking forward to trying, I haven’t used a pencil liner in years but this seems quite creamy and it’s such a bold black that it’s won me over a little.

Lastly they’ve chucked in a little treat which is the Whittard of chelsea sticky toffee pudding white chocolate hot chocolate, so this sounds lovely but sickly. Never the less I’ll give it a try on my next cosy night in. 10/10

The overall box

I think the overall box this month has honestly exceeded my expectations, especially after last months. There was so many gorgeous products and they all fit the theme perfectly this month. There was the opportunity to buy the other box but unfortunately it’d sold out before I got to it so I can only speak for the Devil box, I’m also so excited for next months after seeing the preview.

2 thoughts on “Angel or Devil? – Octobers Glossybox.

  1. I love the idea of this box and how there are two varieties; what a good idea! This box looks so good, and I love the look of the palette. I also need to get some of that sticky toffee pudding hot chocolate for my boyfriend, as it sounds like something he’d like. Great post!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

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