Autumn beauty top up

Autumn beauty haul

I honestly can’t resist a good haul (we know this) and whilst I’m supposed to be on a spending ban I’m still finding myself completely drawn to Boots at the moment. A couple of days ago I decided to just go for a bit of a top up of random bits I need coming into Autumn and I thought I’d give you all a lil sneak peak.


Autumn Boots Haul – Haircare

I’ve had an absolute nightmare with my hair recently. It’s been in possibly the worst condition it’s ever been in. I did have it cut a couple of weeks ago and that has helped an awful lot but I’ve still got the big issue of frizz (When don’t I?). I firstly picked up the Aussie miracle moist shampoo & conditioner as well as the scentsational mist, but if I’m being honest I don’t feel like it’s done anything for the frizz. I went on to grab the John Frieda frizz ease forever smooth shampoo, conditioner and hairspray along with the Garnier ultimate blends banana and shea hair mask and I’m hoping that’s going to make a difference for me. I also picked up a tangle teaser and some no snag bobbles in a attempt to go more gentle on my hair.


Autumn Boots Haul – Skincare

Dry skin is a huge issue coming into this time of year for me so I firstly grabbed a bottle of the palmers cocoa butter lotion which has always been a firm favourite of mine for years, I do prefer this to the actual butter which I feel can be slightly on the greasy side. I also picked up a trusty St Tropez bronzing mousse and whilst I know it’s no longer summer I am enjoying tanning at the moment but I may save this for next year because I’m mainly using my Garnier summer glow at the moment. I went on to grab a body mist after getting all the last drops out my last one and I went for the So…? body mist in sweetpea, this has such a delicate fragrance but it’s so lovely at the same time, I think it’s definitely my new go-to. I also grabbed an original source shower gel, I’m more of a soap and glory girl when it comes to bath & shower bits but I just fancied trying something a lil different and this smells lovely and it was such a bargl!.


Autumn boots haul – Makeup

Of course there was going to be a lil make-up here. I picked up mainly base make-up starting with the Rimmel Match primer, I hadn’t used Rimmel for an awfully long time but I’m really enjoying this actually, I also grabbed the stay matte concealer which I’d just class as your standard concealer really it hasn’t really blown me away like that and it can appear cakey if you aren’t careful.