Simple ways you can eliminate waste from your beauty routine

Plastic is a huge issue. Let’s not sugar coat it. The more I read into ocean waste etc the more I want to help make a difference. I’m starting to make changes in my personal life where I can to cut down on my ‘single use plastic’ such as; Taking lunch into work rather than buying food to go, Taking a bottle of water from home rather than buying single use water bottles and shopping smarter. However, I’ve noticed one place I harbour a lot of plastic is within my beauty routine. Things such as shower gels, face wipes, make-up do bring a tonne of excess plastic and I wanted to share with you some simple ways I’m eliminating plastic from my beauty stash.


Staying away from face wipes 

I used to always use face wipes, I’d go through a packet a week easily which isn’t just expensive but a hell of a lot of waste. I firstly grabbed a large bottle of micellar water which was something like 350 uses which is a lot better than my usual 25 packet wipes and even better it was on offer for roughly £5 on Superdrug. I then went on to find in Primark some re-usable make-up remover mitts, I had heard of these before but I hadn’t seen them around like that, I picked them up not expecting much but I’m so impressed by the results of them, there’s no scrubbing and they’re soft and gentle on your skin, I use them with just micellar water as my make-up is usually quite stubborn but it does say you can use pure water so I’d happily try that on a no make-up day for a quick cleanse.


I’m making a conscious effort to look out for products I can refill, I do this in other areas of my home as well (did you know you can buy refills ‘bags’ of Detol surface cleanser and hand soap?). By buying refill ‘bags’ of hand soap etc It’s one less bottle going into the recycling. I’m also going to invest in some palettes, face powders and other make-up products that can be refilled once I’ve gotten through my current stash.

Get naked

Once I’m finished with my current shower gel I’m going to grab some of the naked ones from Lush for use in the future. I’ll miss my soap & glory ones but I know It’ll make a big difference on what I’m throwing out. I’ve already grabbed some shower bombs and bath bombs from there rather than the ones you find in boots that are wrapped in plastic.

One mans trash…

Usually when I’d clear out my make-up before 99% of it would end up in the bin which now I think of it was so bad!. I cleared out my make-up the other day and took what I didn’t want down to work so everyone could have a look and a lot has been taken already, anything which is left over is going to the charity shop rather than the landfill!.

Tightening the purse strings

When I go out shopping I’m going to make sure I really need what I’m buying so that I don’t end up with stacks and stacks of the same thing that I won’t use. I’m also buying bigger bottles of products which will last longer rather than going for the smaller, cheaper products. I’m also going to make sure I get everything out of my products; cutting open bottles and scraping them with a spatula, popping mascara in warm water when it starts to try or flipping the nib on my liner when It’s starting to get a bit dull. Not only is this going to help reduce my waste but it’ll keep my bank balance happy as well.
I like to think I’m making even a small difference by putting all these changes into place, Are you making an effort to cut down on your plastic usage?.