Glossybox – brutally honest review – September’s box

Every month when my Glossybox comes through the door I get all excited, like a kid (or me) on Christmas and Septembers Glossybox was no exception. Rifling through my box I uncovered all my goodies and I was thrilled, but I soon realised the feeling wasn’t mutual  for a lot of people. If you follow Glossybox on Instagram you’ve no doubt seen the complaints on their posts over Septembers box, but what would I score it out of 10?.


The theme for this box is ‘delicious beauty’ all the products fit into this quite nicely. from a black tea scrub to a little chocolate bar. I think the only product I personally feel doesn’t really fit in is the toothpaste, perhaps they could have gone with a fruity body lotion or something to tie in with the theme. 9/10

The products themselves


Glossybox Review.

If when I open my box I can hand on heart say I’d use 90% of those products, I’d class it as a good box. I can honestly say I will use 5/6 of these products the one I’m unsure on? The Mitchell and peach perfume, whilst I do like the concept of a handmade perfume and lets me honest the packaging is cute I can’t decide whether I actually like it or not, it has a nostalgic feel to it and it is strong so it lasts well on one hand which I like but it kinda smells like a cleaning product on the other.

Another product that I’m slightly confused by is the Colgate charcoal toothpaste, I don’t feel as though it fits into the theme well. I have been after trying one of these however so swings and roundabouts on that one.

The products I’m thrilled with in this box is the black tea body scrub after all I’m a sucker for a good cuppa and I’m more than happy to bring it into my skincare routine and that’s without the bonus of the actual scrub itself which is as gorgeous as it sounds. Another product out the box I’m impressed with is the Carex hand gel, now I know people were moaning about these mainly based on the price but they’re a game changer! I love the hand soap version of these and It’s quite nice to have one to pop in my bag.

The last two products I’m happy with firstly there’s the Palmers hair mask. I am always after a hair mask that I can rely on. I love the brand Palmers and this mask was no exception, I’ll definitely be buying the full size. There’s also the Mavy setting powder… honestly if this box had come a day or so later I’d have saved a small fortune because I’ve just brought a new one but all’s well that ends well and I’ll try it out once I’ve finished mine, from the description it does sound promising. Overall I give the products a 8/10

The overall box

Septembers Glossybox review

Putting everything together I think this box had a lovely theme to it but I think there’s so much more they could have done with it. I can’t say it taints my view on the brand because it’s a subscription service and I don’t expect every box to be my cup of tea. I am happy with some of the products and I’ve cracked them open straight the way but there are others I’ll be stashing away for a rainy day.

Overall box score 7/10

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