A Summer Boots Haul

Guess who’s dropped their wages in boots again?… it me.  There’s something about the never-ending 3for2 bargains that I seem to cave to weekly oops. I picked up a few bits and I thought I’d give you all a lil nosey of my basket.



Facial –

One thing I’ve been struggling with currently is breakouts and acne, generally, it seems to be hormonal but it is lingering around longer than usual. As someone who has had acne most of my adult life it’s starting to just get to me a lil bit so I’m just looking to adjust my skincare routine to see if there’s anything that works for me (I might do a full post about this kind of thing if anyone interested in it). So in an attempt to combat the acne I’ve picked up the Neutrogena visibly clear ‘pink grapefruit moisturiser’ as well as the ‘rapid treatment gel’ from the same range. I’ve been trying both for the last few days and I’m impressed with the results so far.

Bath & body –

As I was strolling through the isles looking for things to waste my money on I spotted something from Soap and Glory that I haven’t seen before which is the ‘Bubble in paradise refreshing body wash’ I don’t know if this is a new thing or if I’m generally just late to the party but this is actually going to be a new summer staple of mine (I can sense it). It does have a sweet smell to it so if you’re not a sweet scent person it might not be for you but I absolutely love it!. Also from soap and glory I grabbed the Sugar crush scrub which is one of my favourite scrubs from them it’s got a really zesty scent and it’s just really refreshing.

Tanning –

I am a milk bottle, there’s no denying that. Fake tan is my only hope. Usually, I go for the St. Tropez bronzing mousse but it wasn’t on offer and I spotted the Isle of paradise range all on offer. I went for the ‘Medium glow clear self-tanning water’ I’m really excited to try this out and see if it lives up to its hype. I also grabbed another tanning mitt, the ones I use are the velvotan ones, I feel like they blend out my tan really nicely and evenly and they do last well but I’d love to try more so let me know if you have any recommendations.

Nails –

I’m absolutely loving doing my nails at the moment. I do them myself and I just simply use the Elegant touch bare nails (stilleto) which I just cut down and file into shape, I find these much cheaper than going out and getting them done and I do enjoy doing it so that helps. I grabbed another pack of those and I also picked up a new nail polish which is the Rimmel super gel in 032 ‘cocktail passion’ I’ve noticed everyone going bright on their nails this year (love island has been all neons) and I fancied something a little more ‘out there’ than my usual grey or white so I thought this would give me a nice pop of colour.


I have absolutely destroyed my hair these last couple of years with heat and bleaching and it’s in need of a god pick me up. A few weeks back I brought the Loreal elvive reviving range and I spotted another addition to that range which is the ‘Rapid reviver power conditioner’ I’m really impressed by this it feels like you’ve done a mask just from washing your hair, you don’t have to leave it in or anything for that outcome either just use as a usual conditioner.
I’m really happy with everything I got and It earned me a good few points on my Boots card to spend as well (bonus). Have you picked up anything from boots recently?.