I tried false lashes for the first time and here’s what happened

As someone who spends their life watching beauty tutorials, I lust over full, even lashes. It seems like on nearly every look the lashes are just the icing on the cake and bring everything together. However, as someone who wears specs 99% of the time I never thought I’d get away with wearing lashes and I’ve always just pictured them as ‘squashes’ behind my lenses however I found some great tips over at False Eyelashes* to help with making lashes ‘wearable’ with glasses. I was very kindly gifted some Lashes to try and I’m so excited to share them with you and try them out.




The lashes


Firstly I have the Eyelure ‘naturals’ n0 031. These lashes are perfect for everyday wear giving you a little extra ‘fullness’ along with a little extra length they’re fluttery and subtle. The band on these lashes is quite thin which means it’ll blend into your lash line nicely. I’ve worn these mainly for work just to give me that little extra length and they looked really natural and felt light. The adhesive lasts well and for saying I’d never even touched false lashes before I genuinely found them really easy to apply using the instructions on the box and there’s also tutorials on the Eyelure website and Youtube channel if you need more help with them.


Secondly I have the texture lashes n0117 lashes. These lashes have a little bit more volume than the last ones. They’re wispy and a little messy which I love and I think they’re perfect for going out. The lashes are contact lens friendly, reusable and Handmade. These still look natural and I received a few compliments whilst wearing them. Admittedly they do feel slightly more heavy than the last pair as expected but they’re still comfortable and easy to wear.

The application 

As someone who’s new to the ‘lash game’ I haven’t tried many adhesives. I like the fact that this has a precise brush which made application so easy, this glue also stays ‘tacky’ for a while which means you can adjust the lashes if needed. There’s step by step guides on the packaging and the leaflet inside making application easy especially if you’re an amateur newbie like myself. The glue is latex free with a lasting hold.

I’m usually quite heavy handed & generally clumsy so flimsy things like lashes are something I tend to hide from. However, I was sent a handy tool to help with the application. This tool is light, sleek and easy to use and is a must have for any false lash wearer.

Overall, I loved the look of the lashes and even my clumsy self managed to apply them in the end (even if it did take 10 minites). However, once I was used to applying them it was much easier, I definitely preferred the pre-glued lashes but I did find the revlon glue easier to use because of how precise it is. The lash tool was an absolute dream and it made the application so, so much easier. I feel like I wont be able to go a single day without lashes now!. You can find the Eylure lash range here. Thakyou so much to False Eyelashes for gifting these items.