Everything you need to know about the Urban Decay Backtalk Palette

Guess what ya gal got for Christmas? A palette she didn’t even know dropped (some beauty blogger). My boyfriend picked out the Urban Decay backtalk palette and I’m genuinely quite proud of him for it. As I said I didn’t realise this dropped, I didn’t really see much hype about this one, to be honest, but I’ve done my research and it says it came out in March I think so I’m surprised I haven’t seen much about it. I thought I’d share my thoughts with you here.



As usual with Urban Decay the packaging is stunning. It’s travel-friendly, the palette itself is the standard naked size, but that’s thinner than most of my other palettes and having the blush and eyeshadows stacked in one place you can cut down your makeup bag when needed. The palette also has a detachable mirror which is perfect for travel as well (I generally didn’t know this happened and freaked thinking I broke the palette). The palette itself is joined with a sturdy magnetic clasp and that’s also how the mirror attaches. The palette itself has 4 pans of blush and 7 pans of eyeshadows.



As I mentioned, there are 7 pans of shadow. Every Urban Decay palette I’ve owned have always been the highest quality so I expected a lot from this palette. The shades are nudes and you could create day and night looks with this easily. The shadows are really good quality the same pigment, creaminess and colour pay off as I was expecting based on my other Urban Decay palettes, I will say the eyeshadows are better than the highlights for sure though.

Blushers & Highlights

I have mixed feelings about this side of the palette.I love the blushers but I feel like I was expecting it to just pop a little more, They’re not sheer but they’re just not as pigmented as I expected from Urban Decay. However, saying this I don’t really use blushers and it’s really easy to over-do it on them but I feel like they’ve played it safe here because you can always build it up, so thinking of it like that I do like them. There are 4 shades; a medium pink nude, a light pink shimmer, a peachy pink shimmer and a mauve. I generally think this palette is really versatile for skin tones which I love.

I’m generally so happy with this palette, It’s definitely one of my new favourites in my collection.



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