Blogmas so far & Moving house

Here we are again!, I fully intended to be doing these posts weekly but here we are, In my defence – I’m moving house (yes this close to Christmas I’m dumb, ok?). So blogging has sort of just gone down like a lead balloon so far, on top of generally just having no time at all, I had so many plans that have been bulldozed over by essentially the move but anyway, Here’s Blogmas so far. I’m so excited to be getting back into the festive spirit. I did want to do ‘Vlogmas’ but I don’t really have a decent enough camera or editor so I’m going to merge the two – usual posts but with mini vlogs and time-lapses added in (I’m really treating you here).

Evergreen Tree on Apple  | Winter walks

There’s been a few weeks of rain (she says like she doesn’t expect that from Cornwall) but the other day was literally so lovely which was actually moving day (I’ll chat about that in a sec) so we was really lucky, so we had a lil walk beforehand and it was actually so, so nice.




Evergreen Tree on Apple  | Decorations 


So, I made a lil timelapse of me putting the tree up which was hella stressful and even before the move I had to take it down and re-do it countless times because generally, it just didn’t look right (I like my tree to be perfect). I only waited 2 days after the move before whacking my tree back up because I thought if it wasn’t done then, it wouldn’t have been done at all which was right because it’s been non stop around here with decorating. Luna has, of course, ruined my tree daily since it’s been back up. Oh, the joy of cats and Christmas trees.

Evergreen Tree on Apple | Exciting news

Earlier on, as myself and Jamie were heading into town we got a phone call from a landlord, offering us a flat. We’ve been after one for a while and this was just completely out of the blue (We applied for it in September but someone else took it – it’s now come back up!). We’re absolutely thrilled; we view it at some point over the next couple of weeks!). We’ve started packing and whilst I’m going to miss our little cosy flat (I’ve cried a lil’ ngl) I’m excited about a new chapter.

Evergreen Tree on Apple | The move itself

So today is the first day everything in the new place is put away in its place, I’ve popped my tree up and slowly started with glossing. The last tenants didn’t leave this place in the best state so the last few days has purely been scrubbing and using buckets worth of Detol on literally everything. There’s still plenty to be getting on with as well. However, I’ve spent a good 3 hours today sanding and glossing (one door) and I’m making a start on giving the place as much TCL as I can to make a house a home. 

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