Keeping my hair frizz free coming into the colder months

I have the Frizziest hair going, you may know this if you’ve been reading my blog for a while. I’ve tried many products over the last few years that claim to ‘banish frizz’ and have been bitterly disappointed by empty promises. After quite a lot of trial and error (and a huge dent in my bank account) I feel like I’ve finally found products that work for my hair type (Curly, Dry) and I wanted to share them here, in case any of you frizzy-haired gals out there need some recommendations.

Pre-treating | Shampoo & Conditioner

The last post I wrote about my hair care routine, I was using the ever straight combo from OYX. I’m still using OYX but I’ve opted for the Morrocan oil version instead because I still like the option of having my (pain in the arse) curls if I fancy them. So I’ll wash my hair a couple times a week (I try not to overwash it in case it starts getting super greasy, super quick). I tend to switch between the Moroccan oil shampoo and the touch of silver shampoo to boost my blonde up a little.  The products themselves do an amazing job on my frizzy hair and the conditioner, in particular, does an amazing job on keeping my hair smooth, soft and ready to style.

Pre-styling  |  Before blowdrying

So as I use a lot of heat on my hair, I need to make sure I’m protecting it, Usually, I use ya standard heat defence spray from Boots but I was recently sent a couple of goodies from Design me and honestly, I’ve fallen in love with them. So I use the Design me,  Fab Me hair treatment and oh my god I generally won’t be buying anything else because it’s amazing!. I’ve noticed a massive difference in my hair; It’s shiny, looks healthy, Feels smoother, stronger and a hell of a lot less frizzy. If you blow-dry your hair this is a godsend because it makes your hair dry quicker (I don’t know how it manages this but it does). I’ll definitely be repurchasing this. You can read more about the benefits or purchase the fab  me mist here.

Styling | My go-to autumn hairstyle

So usually I’d try and stay away from heat with reducing frizz, but as I’ve been using the fab me spray static and frizz is just dramatically reduced, so I don’t need to worry about it. My go-to style is the half up half down with a bun, I love that it gets the hair out of my face but still look nice and also it takes like 5 minutes but looks like you’ve made a massive effort which is just a huge bonus. If the weathers crap or if I’m in a huge rush I’ll just whack it up in a bun for ease, which is what I did today.

Locking everything in place | After styling

Okay so I’m a pretty lazy person and I don’t want to have to ‘touch up’ through the day. I like to make sure I can just do my hair and go about my day, I used to just slap moose on my hair but I’m not really a fan of the feel/texture of my hair after I’ve used that so I’ve opted for hairspray but it takes a while to find the right one. My favourite from the drugstore is the VO5 strong hold hairspray but recently I’ve been obsessing over the Design me ‘hold me’ hairspray and there’s quite a few reasons why; It holds my hair so well and it helps to keep the frizz at bay, it leaves my hair looking shiny and lastly (because I’m a massive child) I love the fact that it has a unique ‘twisty nozzle’ to control hold which I’ve never come across before. I use the low hold most of the time and medium if it’s bad weather outside and my boyfriend also uses medium when he’s styling his quiff. This is just all around a really good hairspray and I’d happily repurchase it. You can read more about this hairspray or purchase it here.

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