The palette’s I’ve been loving this Autumn

I’ll be the first to admit I have a lil’ bit of an obsession over palettes, I’m always swooning after them, I’ve currently got my eye on the Too Faced Gingerbread Spice and the Origin by beauty bay I wanted to run through a couple of palettes that are in heavy rotation in my makeup stash.

Soph extra spice palette 

Soph extra spice palette


Soph Extra spice shades.

One of my favourite palettes currently. This palette has so many great shades making it perfect and versatile for use all year round. Whether you want a sunset look for summer or a berry toned look for Autumn this palette is for you, my friend. The palette is made up of such beautiful bold colours which I love, I don’t actually have any other palettes like that after my ‘warm tones only’ phase. The shadows have a good pigment making the colour pay off perfect, they blend so nicely and they’re really easy to work with. Overall this is perfect for a drugstore palette. There’s a full review of this palette here.

Original Naked palette

Original Naked palette
Original Naked shades.
The original Naked palette is a staple for any makeup collection. The palette is made up of 12 gold toned eyeshadows; A couple matte but mostly shimmer. The shadows are Silky to the touch which is so nice and they’re easy to work with. The price tag on this one is a little bit higher than the other two palettes but the quality you get with it makes it more than worth it. As with all Naked palettes, you get the staple brush which is high quality and blends shadows so nicely (I actually use this with all my eyeshadow palettes).

I heart Revolution rose gold mini palette

I heart revolution rose gold palette
I Heart Revolution Rose gold Shades

This little palette is such a bargain at only £6. It’s perfect for travel because of its size (smaller than my iPhone) it’s honestly the perfect palette to chuck in your make-up bag. The palette itself has 8 shadows; 6 mattes, 2 shimmers which are all rose gold toned. I found with this I did have to build the shadows up for a decent colour pay off. However, saying this I wasn’t using any primer and I also get quite oily eyelids (I know, grim) so some shadows generally don’t work well on my skin, especially without a primer. The packaging is very ‘Kylie’ cross ‘Too Faced’ a rose gold dripping effect and it’s actually really pretty.

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