How to fill your make-up bag for under £30 – Autumn Edition

I’ve been so excited to write this post since I thought of it, I feel like it’s getting to the time of year where everyone is a little shorter on money; people starting back at University, hours dropping in seasonal towns/jobs and people saving for Christmas etc so being the frugal, bargain hunter I am, I’ve decided to plan for each season a ‘Fill your makeup bag for £30’ for anyone who needs a top up but doesn’t have a huge budget. Lets face it just one foundation from Benefit, Too Faced or Urban Decay would set you back 90% of this budget and whilst high-end makeup is on another level in terms of quality, personally I just can’t afford it and I have at times brought drugstore products that have more than lived up to high-end quality but for half the price tag, so I’m sticking to the drugstore for this post. I’m going to fill the imaginary ‘make-up bag’ with things I’d personally only use daily to make this a little easier,. So I’m giving myself £30 and I’m going to try my hardest to stay within this budget.

BUDGET – £30 

Foundation –  CYO no shine zone matte foundation £6


So starting off with Foundation, I honestly think this is where most of the budget will be blown but this is going to be our ‘canvas’ so we want it to be sturdy and we don’t want it to just melt off our face come an hour later. So I’ve gone for the CYO matte foundation which is £6, I love a matte foundation for autumn personally. The coverage is good and it’s surprisingly quite good for oily skin, the only downside of this one is there aren’t really many shades. 

BUDGET – £24

Concealer – Makeup revolution cover and define concealer £4


On to concealer, my absolute favourite concealer is from the drugstore (Superdrug to be specific), it’s the Make-up revolution conceal and define concealer. This concealer covers well, it’s a good dupe for the Tarte shapewear concealer, it lasts well and only £4. It’s literally my go to. The only thing is it gets used pretty quick because of the size of the doufer applicator.

BUDGET – £20

Setting powder – MUA loose setting powder £4.

I really wanted to include the revolution setting power here because I have been loving that stuff but it’s £8 (that’s nearly half our budget). So I’m going for the MUA loose setting powder.  This setting powder is a BARG. I’ve chosen the original setting powder but they also have some colour correcting ones for the same price if they’re more up your cuppa tea. 
BUDGET – £16

Contour, Highlight and blush – Makeup Revolution £3.50

I’m gonna be cheeky here and join the next three together for the grand total of £3.50 before I just go into the overdraft of our budget with the Make-up revolution blush contour and highlight kit. These little kits are such a bargain and they’re actually really good quality for the price!. The highlight in this kit is so pretty as well. I’m not going to buy an eyeshadow here purely because there wasn’t enough money and I’m being strict with the budget, but you could always use the contour shade in this as well as the highlight to create a natural, pretty eye look.
BUDGET – £12.50

Eyeliner – MUA eye define felt liner £2

This is another firm favourite of mine, it’s the MUA eye define felt liner. I use this daily and I always repurchase it, I personally prefer a felt liner because I just don’t have a steady enough hand for a standard liquid liner and my eye also twitches quite a lot during application where it doesn’t tend to do it with the felts. I’ve had mine for a good few months and it hasn’t dried up yet which is fab!.
BUDGET – £10.50

Mascara – Barry M feature-length mascara £4.50

This could be a tricky one because all my fave mascaras are £10 + but we only have £10.50 so they’re out the window, I’m going to do some review searching and see what I can find that isn’t going to break our budget (fingers crossed). Okay, so I’ve come to the conclusion that the Barry m feature legnth mascara is the best way to go, the reviews are looking good and although it takes a big chunk of £4.50 out of our remaining £10 it’s still such a bargain.

Brows – Revolution brow kit £2.50 

Only £6 to go and we still have bits to get!, I’m going to put brows and lippy first (we may have to miss out on the eyeshadow, although if you wanna spare an extra £4 there’s a gorgeous autumnal one here). So for brows I’m going back to the trusty Revolution for  little eyebrow quad for £2.50, I actually have the MUA version of this myself and it honestly has everything you could possibly need. This still leaves us with a tiny budget for our lippy!.
BUDGET – £3.50

Lippy –  MUA / REVOLUTION £1 (£2 in total)

So now we’re nearly done and I’m going to use my last £3.50 to get a lippy. I really wanted the soph ‘cake’ to go here but I’m 50p off that (I know right) although if you do wanna splurge the extra 50p it’s 100% worth it. So I’m going to go for a couple of the revolution/ MUA lippies here £1 each and they have so many shades as well (BARG). So the most ‘Autumnal’ shades I can find here are the MUA LIPSTICK ‘Shade 2‘ and I’m also going to go for the Revolution amazing lipstick in Lady and Voila!.
BUDGET – £1.50
So we still have a lil bit of our budget left if you wanted to treat yourself to another lippy but I’m actually so happy with our little makeup bag here, to think high-end wise one thing would set you back half this budget, thank god for the drugstore!.



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