A week in photos – Torquay

Ahh, yet again – long time no speak. I have literally been so busy through the summer it generally feels like all I’ve done is work and sleep for work the next day. You may remember in my ‘Summer Goals’ post that I chatted about just doing less, well that never happened and is still not happening but I really want to make it a priority for next year because I want to make more time for blogging and I really want to just be able to go on day trips, holidays and id just like to be able to do less in terms of work. As I’m writing this I got back from a few days away in Torquay which I really loved and having the time away has also made me realise how much happier I am when I’m having a break from working constantly.

Anyway, enough of the rambles let’s get on with the post and as I said I’ve been in Torquay for the last week and I absolutely loved it, I also took 10000000 photos (not literally ofc) so I thought I’d share them here!.














Paignton Zoo















Living Coasts Aquarium – Torquay 






7 thoughts on “A week in photos – Torquay

  1. Loved the photos in this post, Torquay and Paignton look lovely! I've only ever been to Plymouth down that way before but it was really pretty. Giraffes and meerkats are my fave, loving the group photos of them! I hear you about working too hard and not having a spare minute, I've been the same recently. It's so hard to strike the right balance sometimes isn't it!http://www.missblogsabit.com


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