Where have I been and a few summer goals.

It generally feels so refreshing to just sit down and write a post, I feel like I haven’t written a post in ages. Which is pretty much true, my last post was published about a month ago now and I haven’t had a chance since then to write another. I just wanted to check in and say ‘Hi’ essentially with this post and just like vent a little bit, so grab yourself a cuppa and come and join me (if you hate rambly posts you may want to click off now and come back next week). So without going on too much of a rant I have worked a hell of a lot these last few weeks, It generally feels like I’ve had 0 times to myself for weeks and it’s been shit, like real shit. Obviously, there are perks to this like the money but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be because literally, everything else has just gone straight to the back of my mind; cleaning the flat, keeping on top of my self-care and of course my blog. So now that we’re all caught up I want to talk about a couple of goals I have for summer.



Through the summer at work, I just want to do less I’ve worked really hard in the run-up to summer so I just want to enjoy the actual summer and just have some time for myself which hopefully will happen (fingers crossed).


At the moment blogging has taken a bit of a back seat and if the first goal doesn’t happen then it’s likely going to be a bit kind of here, there and everywhere in terms of publishing but my goals for blogging is to get back to one post a week (I’m going to try and bulk write posts whenever I get chance). I’d really like to work with a few brands through the summer and if you’re a brand wanting to work with myself please do check out my work with me page for a little more information. I feel like I found the perfect balance when it came to blogging through the winter and I got my posts exactly how I wanted and my photography was exactly what I wanted and I just want that to carry through this year, or improve because I worked so hard through the winter to get to the point where I was generally happy with my content.


 So, in general, there are a couple goals I’d like to achieve through the summer, I definitely want to get out a bit more but that will only come with the first goal (seems a lot relies on that one). I definitely want to go shopping and have a couple of days out through this summer as I didn’t really do that last year. By the end of the summer, I’d like to be kind of ‘close’ to doing my driving test, I don’t think I’ll be completely there but it’s coming along really well already so I’d like to be close.
Hopefully, everything will go as planned, I know a lot of my goals are very Mundane and just things that people do every day but for me, they’re all a challenge because of my busy lifestyle, it’s a lot of just doing less and slowing down a little which I already can’t wait for and I also just am so happy to be back blogging, See you next week (hopefully!).


4 thoughts on “Where have I been and a few summer goals.

  1. There's nothing wrong with putting blogging back slightly especially since I know how much you work which I really praise you for. Good luck with your goals, I have faith in you.Faye Jessica | fayejessica.co.uk


  2. Thankyou Faye, I needed to hear all of that. It sucks having to put blogging back because I enjoy doing it so much although it isn't always practical for me, I'm going to try my best though haha.Charlie xx


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