Revolution Soph x extra spice palette review and swatches

Ever since the Soph x palette came into my collection it’s been my most used palette, the shades are perfect for my skin tone and the shades blend perfectly. When I saw Soph was bringing out a new palette (The soph x extra spice) I was absolutely thrilled, I couldn’t contain my excitement. I used my last day before payday funds to grab this and it arrived yesterday, I couldn’t bluddy wait to do this review so I’ve sat down straight after work and grabbed the palette to try.



I was so excited to see what Soph did with this palette, Like the first palette it came in a sleeve with the shades on the back and they’re very true to the shades in the palette which is always handy. The palette itself is rose gold and metallic (actually stunning) and it has ‘Soph x’ written on the front in baby pink, essentially the opposite of the last palette. The palette has a really sturdy clasp (which we all know I like because I’m terrible at just throwing things in my bag) and it feels really sturdy as well which is perfect for someone as clumsy as me. There’s a nice big mirror in this palette just like the last one which makes it perfect for travelling because you could do your full face using that easily.


This palette is bluddy dreamy in terms of shades, Soph’s gone a bit more ‘out there’ this time with the colours and this one is much more colourful and bright than the last palette. There are 18 shades 6 shimmers and 12 mattes which I think is a perfect balance. There are a few really good transition shades in here and I think this would work so well alongside the OG Soph x palette. There’s a lot of potential with these shades; straight off I think you’d get some perfect green, purple, gold and bronze shades using this palette and there are for sure some sunset vibes going on here. Personally, I’m instantly drawn to the shades ‘Everyday’ and ‘Infinity’.

Application and pigment

From my first impressions, I am so bluddy happy with this palette. Firstly I’ll chat about the mattes, so as I mentioned there are 12 mattes; Running late, Cheesecake, Cookie Dough, Vitamin C, Sweet n Sour, Twenty-one, Enchanted, Laked, Brownies, Chocolate orange, Mulled wine and reputation. The mattes blend out so lovely and they build up really nicely as well which is a bonus, the pigment on these is amazing like you don’t need to dig your brush in there so you won’t be wasting your shadows. For a drugstore palette, I’d say the pigment is really impressive and the shimmers (Everyday, Infinity, Dreams,  Romance, LA sun and Aurora) are on a whole new level they’re actually so pigmented, They kind of remind me of higher end shadows and if you apply them with your fingertips they come out so bold which I absolutely love.


Row 1; Everyday, Running late, Infinity, Cheesecake, Cookie dough, Dream
Row 2; Vitamin C, Sweet n sour, Twenty-one, Romance, Enchanted, Lakes
Row 3; Brownies, Chocolate orange, Mulled wine, LA sun, Aurora, Reputation

Have you picked up this palette yet?

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