My current faves

You guessed it!, the long-lost favourites posts are back, I feel like I haven’t done favourites in so, so long. I haven’t really tried anything new over the last few months and most have what I haven’t tried just hasn’t made this list (unfortunately) but there are a few bits that I’ve been loving recently so I wanted to share some bits with you all, Perhaps I’ll go back to monthly faves, let me know what you prefer. I usually share my recent purchases over on my Instagram stories so be sure to follow me over there as well!.



I’ve always struggled with my skin so when I find a product that works for me I stick with it. The first thing I’m absolutely loving is the Botanics hydration burst day lotion, this contains SPF and is specially formulated for sensitive and dehydrated skin. This moisturiser also has ‘the power of plants’ inside which is ‘Clary Sage’. The clary sage is ego-logically sourced to get the specific moisturising part of the plants (in the leaves) as well as that it has a self-activating ability to store water and keep itself hydrated making it perfect for dehydrated skin. I love the fact that this has a pump on it because I feel like you can get the most of the product out of the tube. The tube is also a really good size for travelling without skimping on product.


I’ve also been loving the Boots simply sensitive cleansing jelly ball scrub, usually I stay away from scrubs because of my sensitive skin 99% of the ones I’ve tried have broken me out or irritated my skin. The scrub is fragrance-free which is perfect for us sensitive skin beauties and as well as this it contains aloe vera to soothe the skin. I wasn’t expecting much from this because it was quite cheap (which is always a bad assumption to make) but it really has exceeded my expectations, my skin always feels so fresh and clean after using this and I’d 100% recommend it.


The Soap and Glory sugar crush body buttercream has also become a new found favourite of mine. I absolutely love soap and glory and all of their products are just so dreamy. I found this range from a Christmas gift which included the sugar crush shower cream and I absolutely loved the scent of it, it’s so fresh and uplifting which was perfect to wake me up during my morning shower and when I spotted the body butter version I had to get it. The thing I like about this is that it isn’t a ‘tough’ butter it’s more light which makes it non-greasy and really quick to apply I also love the fact that it’s really hydrating, I actually prefer this compared to the Righteous Butter.

Make-up & Haircare

There aren’t too many faves in the make-up department recently because I haven’t come across many ‘new’ products although I do have a cheeky wishlist waiting for me on beauty bay which I 100% cannot afford at all but will buy anyway. The first thing is the Naked 3 palette, my boyfriend got me this for my birthday and honestly I’ve worn it most days since getting it, no doubt there will be a review on this very soon but in a nutshell; the pigment is great, the shades are gorgeous and the shadows are so easy to work with.

Secondly is the Make-up revolution rose gold ingot highlighter, I’ve been slowly building up a highlight collection over the last few months and I’m so happy with what I’ve got so far (hands up if you want a post). This highlighter tho is the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen it’s shaped like a ‘gold bar’ although mine has started to fade where I’ve used it tonnes, it’s still so pretty though. This is the perfect rose gold shade and it looks bluddy gorgeous on the skin, it applies nicely and as it lasts really well (what more can you want?).


In terms of hair care, I’ve been absolutely loving the OGX Brazillian keratin therapy shampoo and conditioner. I absolutely love these, since using them my hair has never felt healthier, it’s much stronger too. I didn’t realise this bottle said ever straight however, it’s made my naturally frizzy hair so manageable so I’ll most likely repurchase this. It is a little pricier than my usual shampoo and conditioner but honestly, it’s 100% worth the extra money so I’d definitely recommend it.

What are your faves currently?

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This post contains affiliate links, cause your gal needs to pay her bills, you won’t be charged any extra it just means I get a couple of pennies (quite literally) from the purchase.

One thought on “My current faves

  1. It's great that you've found some favorite skincare, makeup, and haircare products. Scrubs are the best. They take away the dead skin and leave you with unclogged pores. Rose gold is such a gorgeous color. Glad you found a favorite highlighter! Nancy ♥


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