My drugstore hair care routine for controlling frizz

My hair is such a burden at times, I can be straightening it/curling it for ages and it’ll still be twice the size by the time I’m finished and I hate it, I’ve tried every hack, tip, remedy ~ I mean I’ve even covered my hair in egg whites (which was awful tbh) and there isn’t an awful lot that works like that. I feel like I’ve found a few products over the last few years and built quite the routine which has really helped me out so I thought I’d enlighten you with it all, so grab yourself a cuppa and sit back all you frizzy-haired gals and grab yourself some of the following.

OGX ever straight Brazilian keratin therapy shampoo

So I’ll start with shampoo, lets take it from the top at least and Imma be honest, I didn’t realise this aid ever straight when I picked it up, My hair is quite ae curly natural (hence the frizz) but.I’m always trying to control it and in my  opinion, this shampoo & conditioner have just been ~AMAZINGG~ it keeps my hair feeling soft, takes off the frizz and moisturises it just so well. It contains coconut oil and Keratin proteins as well avocado and cocoa butter and yes, it does smell good enough to eat. Also going on their FAQ’S they’re cruelty-free which is fab!!.

OGX ever straight Brazilian keratin therapy conditioner

I follow this up with the same brand conditioner and again it’s one of the best I’ve tried, In terms of ingredients again it contains cocoa butter, keratin, coconut oil and Avacado, You’re best to leave this on for a few minutes before rinsing because it makes your hair feel like advert worthy ~ I mean you’ll be swishing your hair around the place like Ellie Goulding did in that Pantene advert before you know it.

Touch of Silver shampoo

occasionally I use the Touch of silver shampoo as I’ve recently had my hair dyed as an ombre, this shampoo just keeps the brassy tones out of the blonde and it was suggested by my hairdresser. I just leave this on for a few minutes to tone my hair and rinse it out until the water runs clear. Don’t let the vivid purple colour scare you, this really does cool your blonde and get rid of the brassy tones, It’s very affordable and you can also get the conditioner to follow with but personally, I use my OGX conditioner instead. I use this every couple of washes and I’ve noticed such a difference, I highly recommend it.

Heat Protect 

As my hair can be a pain in the arse frizzy I always need to make sure I’m protecting it from heat (your gal uses a lot of heat on her hair). I’m using the V05 heat protect spray which has been in my collection for a fair old’ while so It’s getting pretty low as a cruelty-free alternative I’d recommend the Superdrug Argan oil hair treatment,  I just spritz this over evenly and then move onto serum.

Hair serum

I always use a hair serum in my routine, I really feel like it makes such a difference to my hair, I also like the fact that it’s just a little extra nourishment and protection for my hair. I’m currently using the Tresemme smooth salon serum which I do really enjoy using, it contains argan oil which I’m a huge fan of and it smooths frizz which is always a good thing with hair like mine. This isn’t cruelty-free though and once it’s all gone I’ll be moving onto The body shops Coconut Oil Brilliantly Nourishing Pre-Shampoo Hair Oil which sounds fantastic, you use this one prior to shampoo and you can either leave it for 5 minutes or overnight for a more powerful treatment.

Heat tools

I went heat free for a good few months ~ in fact, I wrote a post all about it and to be honest it was mainly accidental after breaking both my curlers and my straighteners, but since replacing them I use heat daily, honestly I know it’s terrible for my hair and I do like my natural hair but it’ so difficult to maintain so I turn to my curlers by instinct. For my soft loose curls, I use my Tresemme perfectly undone curlers, for straightening it’s my Nicky Clarke hair straighteners and for drying my hair it’s the Babyliss pro speed hairdryer which honestly is obsessed with. 

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Is your hair your biggest burden?, How do you tame it.

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