How to make your make-up stay all day

If there’s one thing I hate it’s walking past a mirror at about 5pm and seeing your makeup has just melted of your face ~ I mean not quite melted, but you’ve got mascara everywhere except your lashes.I’ve spent many years trying to find perfect make-up that doesn’t smudge but I realised it’s not about your products, it’s about how you use them. I thought I’d share today my top tips for keeping your makeup in place without breaking your bank.


Let’s start with the basics, your canvas aka your skin is the most important part of your makeup aka smoother canvas, smoother makeup. The first tip I’m going to throw at you is to do this at least 15 minutes before this way your makeup isn’t just going to just be on top of an oily surface (moisturiser) and completely slide off your face and as well as that it’s better for your skin, in the long run, this way it can benefit from your moisturiser without your pores becoming clogged with foundation at the same time
The second ‘skincare’ tip I’ve learnt is that primer is your best friend especially if you’re an oily skin kinda gal (shoutout). Personally, I love The body shop’s Instablur primer. This is a silicone based primer so if you’re not a fan of those I’d say stay away from this one. If you prefer something a little more hydrating I’d recommend the hangover primer by Too Faced which is actual ~heaven~ on dry skin.

Matte vs Dewwy

As I have oily skin I wouldn’t even dream of expecting a ‘dewy’ finish foundation to last all day. However, for you drier skin ladies you’re most likely not going to be able to make a matte foundation last all day unless you’re using a tonne of moisturiser first, purely as matte foundations are known for clinging on to dry areas, which isn’t a great look when you walk past that mirror at 3pm. Cater your products to your skin type is all I’m saying, you wouldn’t use an acne face wash on sensitive skin etc.

Quality of your products

This one is probably the most important one of the bunch, the quality of your products makes such a difference in these situations. I’m not about to tell you to go and spend £300 in your local House of Fraser on make-up (by the way… easily done) but make sure you’re getting your moneys worth when it comes to products, I mean my favourite concealer is only about £4.50 compared to high-end products that have cost me £20+. I’d be happy to do a post all about my cheaper best wearing make-up if anyone would like that.

Order of make-up


This is one I never paid attention too but it really does make all the difference I always used to apply my eye-makeup last but I wouldn’t dream of doing that now because my foundation used to end up smudged and covered in fallout before I’d even left the house.
The order of my make-up currently is; eyebrows, eyeshadow, mascara, liner, foundation, concealer, bronzer, contour, setting powder and lastly highlight and lipstick. I’d be happy to go into detail about this in a post if anyone is interested.

Set away


One thing that’s really important is setting your makeup into place, I’ve found if I miss out this step generally, my makeup just wears off far to easy within a couple of hours. To start with I’ll for sure set everything with a powder… usually this will be the Rimmel stay matte and then once my make-up is completed I’ll spritz over a setting spray, I love The Body Shop vitamin E spritz but it isn’t as heavy duty as say Urban Decays setting spray but it does the job well enough for me.

Shop the post

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How do you make your makeup last all day?

10 thoughts on “How to make your make-up stay all day

  1. Your make up posts give me life!!! I'm rubbish so it helps me so much. I've recently found and fallen in love with no.7 airbrush away primer, the only issue is, I got a sample so im worried to find out the price of full size… Hann xx


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