My 5 product face

Sorry I’ve been a little quiet lately I’ve been a busy gal recently, I’ve finally got a lil time to myself so I’m sitting all comfy on my sofa with a lovely cup of tea and I’m going to do what I love; write. Personally, I love these types of posts, I’m always so fascinated about how on earth anyone could do a full face with a measly 5 products, somedays I use 3 different concealers alone, so I thought I’d challenge myself to use the bare minimum and honestly I hardly ever go out without a full face so I get the feeling that this could easily go wrong.







I always start my make-up with my eyebrows, mainly because I make a mess of them and I use my concealer/foundation to clear that up. First of all, I’ll brush through my brows with the spoolie on my brush and I’m then using my Make-up revolution ‘Soph x’ palette (1). I’m using the shade Rosewood and I’m using my Ted Baker eyebrow brush to apply that (brushes don’t count, right?). I’m then just using a touch of The Body Shop’s matte clay foundation (2) with an angled brush and carving my brows. I’m also going to sweep a little bit of that on to my eyelids to act as a primer and I’m going to set that with the shade ‘Pancakes’.


I’m going to sweep the shade iced coffee through my crease and blend that out with The body shop blending brush I’m then taking the shade ‘mug cake’ and I’m using  my real techniques detailing brush to put that in my outer corners and I’m dragging that into my crease and using my Body Shop brush again to just soften the edges of that. I’m going to use the brush I applied my foundation with to just apply a little more foundation onto my eyelids as a base for the shade ‘Sparks fly’  which can I say is so bluddy gorgeous and I’m applying that with my ELF C brush.I’m going to finish up using fairy lights in my inner corner and on my brow bone.


Then I’m going to use my Maybelline colossal big shot mascara and I’m going to apply about 3 layers of that to give me a bit of a falsie effect as I’m going to skip on the winged liner and yes my eyes do feel completely naked without it.

Foundation & Concealer

Since I can’t separate these (your gal can’t live without her mascara) I’m having to do a lil 2 in 1 with my regular Body Shop foundation. I’m using the matte clay in 010 and I’m going to use my real techniques brush to buff that in and blend it down my neck because no one wants the orange mask, right?.


Usually at this point I’d use my contour quad but I’m completely out of options right now because I’ve used 4 products n I still need a lippy so I’m actually going to use the soph palette (gals If you’re stuck for space on your next holiday switch out your regular makeup for this, generally it’s been the backbone of this challenge). I’m taking the shade pug for contouring on my Real Techniques contour brush and I’m going to use that in an attempt to give me some actual cheekbones, I’m going to skip on blush… I hardly use it like that any way to be honest and I’m jumping straight too bronzer and this palette has the perfect shade which is cuppa tea and I’m going to use the same brush to take that over the temples of my forehead and over that contour, I did before.

Then I’m going to use my ELF powder brush along with the Rimmel stay matte powder to set everything in place because your gal does not need badly creased makeup within an hour. Next, I want to take advantage of my newly found cheekbones so I’m using the shade fairy lights to highlight those as well as my cupid’s bow and nose.


Lastly, I’m going to apply a lippy, I think the MUA luxe matte liquid lipstick in harmony will work really well with this look. I’ve also swept a tiny bit more of fairy lights onto my cupids bow, you can never have enough highlight, Right?.


Overall I’d say I did pretty well with this one (I don’t wanna toot my own trumpet or anything), I was half expecting to have to rename this post “my 20 product face”. However, I stuck with it and I’m pretty impressed with the results and next time I travel, who knows I might only take 5 products… maybe 6 at a push.
Have you ever tried this challenge?.

8 thoughts on “My 5 product face

  1. Soph's palette is still my favourite at the moment. I think I would definitely have to rename this post my 20 product face; I'd love to give it a go though.Faye Jessica |


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