The spring make-up edit

I think Spring might be one of my favourite times of the year, I mean it’s not quite summer but it’s still lovely outside and after the winter we’ve had in the UK it’s just nice to finally see some sun and get some fresh air without coming home looking like you’ve fallen in the river. I thought I’d have a little sort through my makeup collection and fish out all my ‘fresh-faced’ makeup ready for Spring.



I feel like highlighters are one of my must have’s during the warmer months and whether you prefer to go all out and blind those who walk past you or keep it subtle and have a more natural glow I’ve picked out a couple that I love. The Makeup revolution Rose Gold ingot highlighter is a new addition to my collection but I absolutely love it I’ve used it a couple of times and it’s definitely one of those where you wanna scratch the top off for the best pigment but it’s quite subtle if you don’t do that so you have the option. The colour is gorgeous it’s rose gold and it looks gorgeous on.The packaging is simple but gorgeous the pan is pretty big making it really good value for money (£4) and the highlight is shaped like a bar of gold with ‘Bank of revolution’ imprinted into the highlight, which I just think is adorable.
The second highlight has a little mix of both blinding and subtle highlights it’s the Technic strobe kit, I’ve found that the cream highlighters are the most bright and pigmented there’s a pink toned cream as well as a yellow, The powders are a little less bold and there’s a peach toned highlight as well as a lilac shade this little kit was only £2.50 which is such a bargain and it’s really good quality for the price, you can read a full review on this here.
Last but not least I picked out a pan from the body shop called ‘Indiana Rose Quartz‘ this is quite a natural subtle highlight and I really like it for those days where I’m after just a ‘fresh face’ or if I’m in a rush. I got this in the contouring kit but I can’t seem to find that anywhere but you can get it individually for £5, the pan has lasted so well which is such a bargain.


For spring I think a peach or pink shade is perfect, I love shades which perk up my complexion personally so to start with I’ve picked out the MUA Luxe liquid lipstick in Halcyon I used to be absolutely obsessed with MUA when I first started using liquid lipsticks, they were pretty much the only brand I owned so when I spotted this one in Superdrug I grabbed it straight the way, the shade is a brownish red but as with the majority of the lipsticks the shade is a little darker in the tube because of the frosted glass. This applies well but it does dry quickly so you have to be quite quick with your application.

Another lippy I love for spring is the Sleek matte me in shabby chic, I know I bang on about this one quite a bit but it really is the perfect shade. It’s pink with purple undertones, it works really well with both glam and natural makeup and it’s just my perfect shade and a bonus is that it goes well with quite a few make-up looks that I’ve done. Another one of my Sleek faves is the matte me in shabby chic, this is more of a peachy pink and it’s fab for more bronzey makeup, these lippies are so comfortable to wear and they apply so well which I love.

The next one isn’t actually a matte lipstick (whatttttt?) I know right, shocker. I decided I needed more than your standard liquid lipstick in my collection if I actually want to experiment a little more with my makeup so the Tanya Burr lipgloss in Pink Fondant is my next pick. Update: I’m still not a fan of your bob standard gloss but I surprisingly like this one. The colour is pretty and I do like the fact that it gives your lips a nice shine this does wear off quite easily (as with most glosses) but It’s worth the top up, it also moisturises your lips nicely which I like.

Eyeshadow palettes

Now I couldn’t chat about makeup without whipping out the eyeshadow palettes. I’m not hugely great at eyeshadows but I am learning and I do find high-end palettes easier to work with purely as I find them easier to blend, they’re much more creamy in my opinion and they’re just so easy to work with which is why my first pick is the Too Faced Sweet peach palette. Don’t worry, I won’t go on too long because I know I’ve waffled on about this so much but in short, it’s pigmented, blendable and smells of peaches; you can read more about this here.
Sometimes in the summer you just don’t want to be faffing around with a complete eye look and there’s been a couple of occasions where I’ll just use whatever bronzer I’m using that day to just give me something which I highly recommend, bonus points for sweeping a highlight on the middle of your lid, inner corner and brow bone to catch the light.

What make up are you hunting out for spring?

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