SEO for bloggers – 5 tips you need to know

Digital Marketing experts, Bigfoot Digital, have teamed up with Charlie’s Wonderland to give you some top tips on how to grow your blog.


Your blog is your pride and joy. You’ve created your layout, posted your first blog post and you’re actually quite proud of what you’ve achieved. However, we all know that being a successful blogger isn’t as simple as writing the odd post here and there. So, what next


At Bigfoot Digital, we blog a lot. An awful lot. Thankfully, we know how to best optimise our blog posts for SEO to get the most out of them. We make sure the content we’re producing is based around the topics people want to know about, and ones that are helpful to our audience. It’s the way to go to get your content noticed and shared. In terms of SEO for bloggersyou need to prove to search engines why your site should be placed above others for popular search terms. 
You want to people to read your posts, and it’d be amazing if your blog got noticed by other people. That’s why many of us write our content! But how can you grow your blog from a blank canvas to a regularly active website? We’re here to give our top tips on easy ways to grow your blog. All you need is a little dedication.
1. Keep it looking and sounding professional.
The worst thing about visiting someone’s website is quickly noticing that it doesn’t look too great. It will instantly turn off your readers and they may even refuse to read your contentbecause of it! It’s worth investing some time into making things look good and more importantly, making sure everything links up correctly. You also need to make sure your content is top quality and is tailored to your audience. These are the people that matter and are the ones who are going to take in the information you give them. User experience should be top of your priority list when it comes to keeping on top of your blog. 
2. Get a Social Media presence and share your content.
When you start sharing your content, it can feel a little daunting. The fact that people you don’t know are reading your content can be a scary thought! However, the best way to overcome this is by getting your content out there straight away and sharing across social media channels. It’s worth setting up new profiles for your blog and building your community around it. You develop the right audience and bring in new readers daily. You’ll be surprised at the growth you see in such a short space of time if you keep at it. 
3. Keywords and SEO techniques.
Now to the more technical stuffIf you want your blog to become more searchable (and findable!) online, you need to get up to speed with how SEO works. Doing some keyword research to find out what your readers are looking for can be a great way to see what the online search volume is for a particular subject, and if it is worth writing about on your blog. Other SEO techniques for blogging that can be useful include a whole host of things:
• Titles – getting keywords in your titles can give you a boost. It will help Google to understand what your post is about and what to show in search results.
• Images and alt text – use great quality images in your posts whether these are simply stock images or images you have taken yourself. Getting your keyword in the alt text of your image will ensure they’re optimised for best results.
• Link building  building links from other trusted sites to yours is a great way to build up the trust of your site. When linking to other sites, make sure you only link to those with a good domain authority. You can check the authority of a websites by using an online checker, such Moz.
4. Create a schedule.
If you’re not posting regularly on your blog, you’ll not be building your following or engaging your readers. Google likes to see updated site content, so having a schedule of whenand what you post will make things more organised and will even push you to meet your content deadlines. Make sure youresearch possible blog titles to entice your readers and to make what they read more interesting to them.
5. Tag and categorise appropriately.
The options to tag and categorise your blog posts aren’t just there to make your post look pretty. They’re there to help your post get found by the right people! Think of it as a book. Your categories are the chapters of your blog and your tags are more like an index page. This makes things more specific and a lot easier for readers to find what they’re looking for. 
When you write a blog post in future, make sure you keep our top tips in mind to make your posts count. It doesn’t take a genius to build a successful blog. It just takes a little determination and a passion for what you do. 
What are your top tips for growing your blog, and what has worked best for you?
Bigfoot Digital are an awardwinning Digital Marketing Agency, specialising in everything from SEO to Social Media Marketing.

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