P.S pro or fail? – Primark’s oval blending brush tested.

Although I’ve seen these types of brushes on literally every blog & Youtube channel ever I can’t say I’ve ever tried one myself, I saw this on the off chance when I was mooching around in Primark and I thought I’d give it a go and see what the fuss was about.

First Impressions

On first impressions, this looks exactly like the ones I’ve seen for £30+ so we’re off to a good start. It was on sale for £2 but the usual RRP is £4 so I’m really not expecting a lot from this brush at all but I might be surprised. The packaging is really simple just a clear tube with a little silver card to line it but it’s a bit of a pain to get out of the packaging (most likely me just being clumsy) I actually ended up cutting my finger on the plastic whilst opening this so just go carefully. This is quite insta worthy purely because of how simple it is it would go with most backdrops (bar black). So after slicing myself open, I can say the brush does feel really soft although it doesn’t look to easy to use, it’s quite awkward to hold as well which is making me a little weary but we’ll see how it goes.
Primark quality hasn’t exactly got the best reputation which I’m sure we’re all aware of although I do have some bits from there that have surprised me, This however not so much on first impressions, this feels like the flimsiest brush I’ve ever held. Almost like when you grab those like 20p toothbrushes from Tesco when you’re travelling and they snap during the first use? yeah, that flimsy. So we’re not off to a good start on the plus side though I mentioned before the bristles were quite soft but they haven’t moulted or anything like that which is what I expected but we’ll see on that one.
I’m quite terrified to blend my foundation with this, I’m either expecting to end up really streaky or have it snap whilst I’m using it. I’m using The Body Shop’s matte clay foundation and I’m just going to start blending in circles as I would with my usual buffing brush. so the first thing I’ve noticed is that my foundation is being pulled off in places which I am not a fan off at all, I’ve decided to just add another thin layer of foundation and buff that over the top which has worked well. I am liking how much this brush covers whilst I’m blending because of the size and shape, though it is a little awkward to get into the little places without like wrecking your eye make up. I can definitely feel the flimsiness I’m not too sure if all of these types of brushes are like this but it is feeling like it’s going to snap if I’m not too careful. I do like the finish this has given though It’s blended out my matte foundation to quite a natural yet still full coverage finish and it really looks great (If I do say so myself). I also found this really handy for softening my contour and I’d be quite happy to apply contour with this brush as well just perhaps a smaller sized one.
So overall is it a P.S pro or a P.S fail?.
I’m going to say it’s a P.S Fail, although this did well compared to my expectations and I really wasn’t expecting much for £2 the only major pro of this brush I have this that gave me a nice finish eventually and it’s affordable. However on the flipside, there was just so much that I didn’t like about this brush, mainly how awkward it was to hold and how flimsy it was as well, I also didn’t like that it pulled off my foundation and I ended up having to add more layers just to get an even finish. I’ve found this bruhreallyy hard to clean out, it seems like I had to just keep rinsing and rinsing. I’m sure I’ll be trying these brushes again but I’ll most likely be going for a different brand to get the best finish possible but it’s a good place to start if you’re unsure on this type of brush and don’t want to fork out over £10 to try one.
Have you tried these brushes?.

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