A guide to your perfect brow product

our generation is obsessed with brows Id almost go as far as to say it’s close to “if your brows aren’t fleek you can’t sit with us”. With our brow obsession comes lots of brow products, like a hella lot of different brow products, I thought today I’d br-br-break it down for you and help you find the best product for upping your brow game. So how many different types of products are there for your brows exactly?, Roughly 5 so which exactly is perfect for you?.


Brow powder

I go too, perfect for filling in sparse areas. As I have quite full brows I don’t really need to shape them etc I just need to run a little powder through my brows to make them look a little more groomed. The powder I’m currently using is the makeup gallery brow quad. This has a couple of different shades in it which is so handy, but my all time favourite is the seventeen all about the brows kit. I wouldn’t go for a brow powder if you have quite sparse brows personally because the pigment isn’t too strong also they can tend to wear off quite easily so If you’re after something more ‘set’ I’d recommend a gel or pomade.

Brow Gel

Brow gel is so handy for giving you a natural finish on your brows, they usually come with a spoolie which means the product is evenly dispersed although if you aren’t too careful it can look a little ‘blocky’ and too much. Personally, I prefer a powder to a gel because I just prefer the finish of a powder and I feel you get more control by using a slanted brush. It’s quite pigmented which is great and it also lasts so well, it almost ‘locks’ everything in, I do like the fact that you can set other products in with a clear brow gel.

Brow Pomade

Brow pomade is a Gel- mousse formula, I haven’t tried it personally but it is hyped about quite a lot, going on reviews pomades are usually smudged free (so perfect for holidays) and I do spot them a lot in youtube & blog tutorials the most hyped is the Anastasia brow pomade. Usually, you apply this with a slanted brush (the same as powder) which means you have plenty of control with the product. However, the pomades are usually very pigmented so you will want a decent brush otherwise you may have some trouble with them and going by reviews you definitely want a spoolie to soften the ‘beginning’ of your brows especially if you’re after the perfect fade.


Brow Crayons

I don’t do too well with crayons but some people really love them. personally, I think some crayons can be quite waxy and they can look overbearing if you’re not careful. Pencils are really easy to control which is handy for beginners, it was actually the first brow product I had in my makeup bag, If you did want to try a crayon I’ve heard good things about the Anastasia Brow definer (I swear she’s killing it at this whole brow thing) I’m actually considering giving this one a go.

Brow Tint

A permanent tint to keep your brows looking fuller and defined for longer the perk of this is you don’t have to actually do anything with your brows, they’re done already so it’ll cut the time of your make up routine and also you can do it yourself at home but do remember like it’s permanent and it may be cheaper to do it yourself but if you aren’t confident with it I would recommend getting it done by a professional, Benefit has a brow parlour as well as superdrug they’re not too expensive either and I’m sure it beats having brow here, there n everywhere.

My Brows

Overall I prefer a powder for my eyebrows, I find it really easy to use and I think it gives you such a nice finish, it’s easy to build and it’s really easy to fade the beginning of your brow with a powder. I like the fact that a powder is easy to clear up if it goes wrong although I am considering swapping to a pomade after reading about the Anastasia one because it just sounds unbelievable as well as completely foolproof (which your gal needs).

What’s your favourite bow product?.

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