Testing out The body shop’s Matte Clay foundation

I’ve had a few beauty bits and bobs from the body shop in the past; some I love, some not so much. I saw this foundation a couple of months ago and I was somewhat sceptical to buy it, I hadn’t heard good things and I suppose I was expecting it to be a very light coverage coming from the body shop. Recently my local rep was giving 40% off and I decided to just go for it, it was only about £8 making it cheaper than my usual foundation and a fraction of my all time favourite (Younique’s liquid foundation) but was it worth it?.



In all honesty, this is the thing I was most worried about, I’ve tried a couple of foundations from the body shop and the coverage has always been ‘Buildable’ aka hella light. I used a litl3e bit more than I usually would just in case and blended it out with my Real techniques buffing brush and I was very surprised to see full coverage as promised.


This comes in a tube with a really precise ‘nozzle’ (I guess you’d call it), It’s very easy to apply because of that, it also isn’t ‘runny’ like other foundations I’ve tried which makes it really easy to blend. I squeeze the tube straight on to my face and generally use about 4 ‘lines’ of the foundation. I like the fact that the nozzle is precisely because it doesn’t let too much product out so no more of the ‘Just scoop it back in the tube’ nonsense although if you do squeeze to much out good luck because this nozzle is tiny. The foundation blends quite well although I did find myself ‘patting’ it in around my eyes as if you would a concealer but personally I do this with most of my foundations to get more coverage around my eyes anyway.


The first thing you’re gonna notice when you squeeze this out the tub is it wreaks of tea tree which I freaking love It just has such a clean fresh smell to it and I really like that, Plus tea tree is very good for your skin (especially if you have quite a few blemishes like me). It also includes Morrocan ‘lava clay’ god doesn’t that sound lovely?. I personally have oily/sensitive skin and this works so well on it, I don’t have to prime when I use this foundation and it still lasts all day which is so great.



There are 10 shades fo this foundation and there are some quite good matches in there for different skin tones, personally, I went for 010 because your gals pale as but I think I could have gotten away with one up because this is very pale (even for a Wednesday Addams look alike). I would advise going to the store for this because the shades are generally lighter than they look on the tube (I just use a lot of bronzers to balance my paleness out). There’s also a couple of darker shades that would suit darker skin tones which is nice to see because usually, the darker foundations in some ranges can come up too light or dark for some people but these shades generally look like a good match.


Whenever I write a review I want to start writing a ‘cons’ section, I don’t want to bash products but I want to give a more balanced review and if I do find anything off I do want to mention then I can do it here. There’s not much about this foundation I dislike, if I had to pick something I’d say it can come up a bit light in terms of shades so I’ll for sure go one darker next time but that’s mainly my fault rather than the product itself as I didn’t look into swatches.


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