New must haves in my make-up collection

In an attempt to cut down on my spending, I decided a few months back that I would only buy the essentials, I’ve actually been really good with this and it really helps me to use what I have in the collection before I go out and splurge. As I recently ran out of my makeup revolution concealer (honestly I’m not surprised I’ve been plastering my face every day in that stuff) I had to pick up another, I honestly couldn’t really be bothered to shop online which is a whole new level of lazy, I guess I mainly didn’t want to wait for it so I popped over to my local boots and I treated myself a little top up.


Don’t whip out the medals (do), I’ve bought an actual lipstick which isn’t liquid. Yep, a proper lipstick. I think this is the first actual lipstick I’ve had in my collection for about a year. I think liquid lipsticks can be a little too drying for this time of year and usually when I find an actual lipstick in matte 99% of the time it is actually semi-matte, which is great for this time of year. I’d love some recommendations on actual lipsticks, do you have a fave?

I also picked up one of my all-time favourite concealers which is the Seventeen stay time 18-hour concealer. Honestly, I love this brand all of their products are so affordable yet such good quality. I love this concealer for a few reasons; mainly the coverage which is full, the formula which doesn’t crease and applies well and last but not least the fact it suits my pale skin, it’s such a dream.

I’m becoming quite the highlight hoarder, this time last year I owned one highlight which was in a eyeshadow palette (trying to get my blush brush in there was no fun). I currently have 7 which isn’t a large collection of most people but I have a pretty small makeup collection. This little highlight stick caught my eye as I was walking through the make-up isle which I always seem to get sucked in to and honestly it’s brilliant, the colours pretty there’s a subtle glow to it and it lasts well also which is fab.


As someone with eczema, my skin gets crazy dry, especially in the winter… This means if  I don’t look after my skin my hands will crack and bleed, which stings so bad.,please tell me I’m not the only one!. I have been using the Flexitol hand cream which I mentioned in a recent post and I have really been enjoying that but on this particular day anything I put on my hands absolutely stung. My friend offered me some of the hand cream she had in her bag and as my hands were already stinging I didn’t really have a lot to lose and it stopped my stinging and took down the redness instantly and I was quite shocked by that to be honest, so much so that It’s the first thing I looked for in boots; The palmers cocoa butter formula concentrated cream for hands knees and elbows. If you have dry skin, you need this.

I am that person who uses their blunt razor and is like “yeah I should buy a new one of those” but never actually does. I decided instead of buying a new razor I’d just pick up a couple of blades so that when I say that I can just change the head on the razor and voilà. The razor I use is the Wilkinson Sword Quattro trimmer razor and this works really well for me, these 3 blades are only £6. I also grabbed the Boots smooth care shaving gel as well in sensitive because else I will get mad shaving rash which no one wants.

I also grabbed a new body spray and I wanted something a little different to your standard impulse that I’ve used 50 times so I went for the Boots paradise shores. There isn’t much price difference between these and impulse but I really like the smell of this one, it’s base is berries and citrus and it just smells so sweet and lovely, I highly recommend it.


I didn’t pick up much haircare wise but I did need some shampoo and conditioner. I couldn’t really afford 3 for £10 on Aussie as much as a good deal as it is because I’m trying to save so I’ve gone with the Boots fresh and nutty coconut shampoo and conditioner and it seems pretty basic but who knows I might be blown away. I’ll update you on my Instagram stories if it impresses me, which I’m hoping it does.

Shop the post…

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Have you tried any of thee products?, I’d love to hear your thoughts.



8 thoughts on “New must haves in my make-up collection

  1. I'm obsessed with anything Coconut!!! The best lipsticks I have (and I have about 20 of them) are the Kate Moss range for Rimmel London, they last so long and are such beautiful colours and feel so smooth!!!!You should also definitely purchase the Kate moss lip conditioner which is the best thing I've ever purchased… (got as a freebie for spending a certain amount), I usually put it on before putting on Matte lip products to stop it drying my lips out Hann xxATINYGIRLSBIGWORLD.WORDPRESS.COM


  2. I really need to start cutting down on my spending again. I've been treating myself a few too many times lately and I really want to \”shop my stash\” more often instead of buying new things. Love the Boots shampoo and conditioner – for the price they are great! Hope you like them. Also just want to let you know that Seventeen is being discontinued at Boots soon so if you like any certain things then stock up (I recently stocked up on their Phwoarr Paint concealers) I think if you use SEVENTEEN10 you get 10% off online too 🙂 x


  3. Me too, The scent is just gorgeous. I really like the kate moss lippies but I don't use them since going cruelty free, I do however really like the Body Shops Mauritius Deliah which is an exact dupe for 107 but liquid form!.Charlie xx


  4. Me too, I've treated myself a couple times after payday's but it's a nice treat because I hardly do it, the shampoo and conditioner are fab for the price, much better than I was expecting for 75p. Oh no!, That's so annoying because they're one of the only cruelty free stands in my local store, I hope it's replaced with a cruelty free stand.Charlie xx


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