If you’re lazy.. you need these hacks

I’m such a lazy girl, any hack I can do to save me time and effort trust me I’ve tried it, I’ve been hack testing, is that a thing?, I could 100% do that job. I thought I’d do a little collection of must-have hacks that nay lazy gals (like me) out there can use to save themselves valuable time which you can use to watch an extra episode of that series you’re binging at the moment before you have to crack on with your day.

Tape for fleeky eyeshadow

let’s kick this off with a makeup hack… You may be doing one of two things right now 1) “yeah I’ve heard that loads” or 2) looking at your screen with the same facial expression your grandma uses whilst trying to find ‘the internet’. Don’t worry it doesn’t hurt, simply pop a little tape going from the outer corner of your eye to the end of your brow (it doesn’t have to be super pretty tape just don’t use anything too strong like I don’t wanna be sending you hospital over a hack) and then apply your eyeshadow/liner as usual and when you’re finished peel off the tape to find the most professional looking eyeshadow you ever did see.

Straighten your plait

What?. Let me explain okay?. Picture this it’s 8:30am you were meant to be at work for 9pm but you’ve legit only just rolled out of bed, oh and you’ve got some serious bedhead (sorry for the nightmares) simply take your hair into a plait and run a straightener over the top, there you go you have goddess hair and 20 minites still to get to work (if you have a really long commute this might not be for you chuck it into a bun and click into rush mode and get yourself to work, quick!).

Keep a pack of face wipes next to your bed

I recently chatted a lil bit about skincare and how to find your perfect routine and as much as I try to keep up with my skincare like, I’m not perfect and as you’ve probably guessed by now am so flipping lazy that using 5 different products isn’t exactly my fave part of the evening, keeping a lil pack of face wipes next to your bed is the simplest yet most genius hack, whoever put this one on Pinterest needs to win a Nobel, I’d also suggest a little bottle of moisturiser because I class that as the most important in my routine but there’s no pressure here.

Use your face mist to set your make-up

We all love a good face mist but imma be broke if I go out and buy 2 products that do exactly the same thing, plus there’s no point of doing that anyway. If you have a moisturising face mist set your makeup with that, save yourself some money and the effort of having to use another product and spritz that all over, it lasts just as good!. I’m really enjoying using The Body Shop vitamin E facial mist at the moment it’s so hydrating and it’s quite affordable as well which is fab.

Mix a lil highlight in that concealer

This is a proper ‘fake being awake’. I use a cream highlight for this, usually in a cream shade I like the tenchic strobe kit and I mix it in with my concealer on the back of my hand, when you put this under your eyes, my god, you’re gonna look like you’ve been up since 8:30, been to the gym, drank one of those green juices. I mean you just look so perked up, of course, don’t use this on your spots etc or your gonna be like drawing attention to them but just try it under your eyes, you’ll never use normal concealer again.

Put your beauty blender in the microwave

I’m gonna guess you’re like what is this gal right now, but this is hands down the best way to clean it properly. I’ve actually just put mine in now and then I dropped it straight into my washing up bowl which was full of dishes (don’t do that) so I had to do it a second time. Simply place your blended into a microwaveable bowl or a mug, cover it with a lil dish soap and fill the mug with water (make sure you do that or it’ll catch firs). Give it 30 seconds or 1 minute and take it out now before the next bit I wanna say these girls aren’t messing about with this hack, that sponge feels like lava when you squeeze it out so I ran cold water over it the second time (lets not talk about the first) before I squeezed it out and this works so well and you barely have to do anything unlike your brushes.

The wonderful world of DIY beauty

Not only am I lazy but I’m broke and tbh the last thing I wanna do when I run out of my favourite soap and glory scrub is go to boots and then end up dropping my whole life savings because I have no willpower when it comes to this place, none at all. Also, I really don’t want any reason to have to walk outside in the cold like no thank you. I found a couple of lil DIY beauty bits on Pinterest and I’m determined to get round to making each one, It’s cheaper and it’s much more natural also you could pop some of the homemade bits in lovely little jars and use them for gifts like a mini Martha Stuart.

All of these hacks have helped me step up my lazy game (is that a thing?). They’ve also split my daily beauty routines in half, I mean they’ve given me more time free to watch Jane the virgin which is all I wanna do at the moment!.

Do you know any beauty hacks?