Keeping your skin glowing this winter

As someone who struggles with eczema, I can fully appreciate the struggles of having dry skin. January is possibly the worst time for dry skin because of how bluddy cold it is outside, I thought I’d gather all of my top tips for you for keeping your skin glowing even in these colder months, I hope they help also if you know any tips please do let me know.

“Less is more”…


In terms of your make up the best advice, I can give you is less is more. Don’t get me wrong I truly understand the struggles of wanting to do a full face of makeup but all of those products aren’t going to do your skin much good. Personally, I’ve been stepping away from matte products such as my matte lipsticks because even though these are some of my favourite shades and ‘matte’ is my favourite finish, I find them super drying so recently I’ve been reaching for my Tanya Burr, soap and glory and too faced lipglosses as well as popping a little lip balm on before I start my makeup routine.

Soap and glory lipgloss, sexy mother pucker | Tanya Burr Lipgloss in Ice queen, cranberry melt and pink fondant
| Ted baker lipbalm, vanilla | Too faced sweet peach, pure peach


Another thing I’m toning down on is powdered products, Most powdered products contain talc which generally dries your skin out more during these harsh winter months, they also tend to draw attention to dry patches, Personally I’ve just been sweeping a little powder where I need it most (usually on my forehead, nose and chin). I’m also considering switching to a cream contour to avoid packing on bronzer if you know of any good cream contours let me know!.

As far as foundations go I usually only use a matte foundation. Although I’m thinking that a more ‘glowy’ finish is the way to go this winter, personally I just think my matte foundation makes my skin look so dull and flat and I’m just not a fan of that, especially in the winter I also find matte foundation tend to cling to my dry patches pretty bad, I actually just brought the Sleek Life proof foundation to try out. I’m also majorly against ‘baking’ because in my opinion which I don’t mean in an offensive way to anyone, I just think it’s a bit of a waste of your expensive powder and also it really does dry out your skin.


“Don’t over load on products”…

For your skincare I would suggest not over loading, as tempting as it is in the sort term, in the long term your skin isn’t going to thank you in the long run, At the moment I’m only using a cleanser, toner and moisturiser which is just enough to keep my skin fresh and clean but also hydrated, If you’re feeling ‘stripped’ from your skincare routine I’d suggest dropping the steps that aren’t essential such as toner but never skip on the moisturiser also using moisturising products will help, personally I really like the Body Shop Vitamin E range. I find exfoliation is helping my skin a tonne because it removes all of that dead flakey skin and leaves your skin so smooth and glowy, I don’t overdo it with this though I use it once a week.

In general I always keep a hand cream in my bag, At the moment I think the Flexitol* hand cream is so great for this time of year, Flexitol is usually a prescription cream so I take comfort in knowing that it’s a little stronger than your average hand cream, it’s non-greasy and the smallest amount makes all the difference on my dry skin. The Flexitol hand cream has been shown to increase your moisture levels in the skin, You can use this if you have eczema or dermatitis and it won’t upset your skin. You can pick this up from boots A huge thank you to flexitol for letting me try this. I do try to keep a lip balm in my bag but I tend to forget to pop one in there, at the moment I’m loving the Ted Baker vanilla lip balm.



Keep yourself healthy”…

Other ways you can keep hydrated are things you can do in your day to day life. Taking care of yourself is essential for keeping yourself healthy and in return, this will keep your skin looking healthy and lovely and glowy, Things such as keeping a healthy diet rather than snacking on junk (I’m super guilty of this), I’ve also been drinking plain water which honestly I usually cannot stand, but it is making a difference for me. Something I’m hugely guilty of is not getting enough sleep, this will just generally improve the appearance of your skin and help to not worsen any dark circles and you’ll feel much better within yourself as well.

Have you got any tips for keeping your skin healthy this winter?, If you enjoy this post please give it a share, it means the world.

6 thoughts on “Keeping your skin glowing this winter

  1. I must say, my skin has been pretty bad this winter and I'm not entirely sure why but it could be due to exam stress. I definitely need to up my skincare game.Faye Jessica |


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