2018 product releases I’m excited for

If there’s one thing that overly excites me it’s product releases. This is partly because I am absolutely obsessed with makeup but mostly because the following brands are so on their game recently and there’s just so many creative new ideas coming up in 2018 from them! I’ve found a couple high-end releases as well as a few drugstore so I’m hoping I’ve found something for everyone. If you get a little too hyped over these please do share it with me in the comments because some of these products have me legit fangirling.

Too Faced’s unicorn collection

Photo credit- @iamlazykat Instagram

Did you hear that?. Too faced are blessing us with a Freaking unicorn collection?, We were all so obsessed over unicorns last year whether it be whilst scrolling through Instagram, doing our Asos shop or even simply creating Unicron inspired foods and drinks. Too faced have completely topped our obsession and are bringing out the collection of our dreams. This photo is a sneak peek from Sephora, France and it consists of the following products; Magic Rainbow Strobing brush, The Life’s a festival peace, love and unicorns eyeshadow palette, The refresh mystical effects setting and refreshing spray, La creme mystical effects lipstick and last but not least the rainbow stroke rainbow effect highlighter. This collection Launches in The U.S in February Which product are you most excited for?.

Too faced’s White peach palette

Photo credit — Too Faced’s instagram

I have come across this once or twice on Too Faced’s Instagram and lusted over it just a lil bit. You may have seen too faced share this on Tuesday actually it’s a lovely looking palette, it’s exclusive to Sephora by the sounds of the posts but enough rambling, lemme give you the info you’re looking for here. The palette itself has been designed to bring more definition and light to your eyes and they’ve done this well with 9 matte shades which are going to be so great to blend through the crease, one of them being black to completely define your look and 3 shimmer shades ‘Peach ice’ as caught my eye the most, I have to say I’m really excited for this palette to launch on the 16th of this month!.

Mua undress your skin highlighter

Photo Credit MUA cosmetics instagram

Right now you’re most probably thinking like ‘Charlie hun, those highlighters came out ages ago’ but let me show you the two shades that are making a comeback. I wanted to include these because even though they aren’t technically new, the range itself is so beautiful and 100% needs so much more appreciation, especially when you can pick these beauties up for an amazing £3 in Superdrug which is a bargain. So MUA has brought these shades back I am desperate to get them into my makeup collection. So the shades that are making the comeback are Aqua Shine (oh my life are you seeing this one) as well as Glistening Amethyst Which is possibly the prettiest silver highlighter ever.. look how lovely they look side by side, don’t you just need them?.

Barry M ‘Candy Culture’ nail varnishes

Photo credit – Barry M’s instagram

Barry M has dropped some candy-scented nail varnishes, candy scented!. If there’s one thing I actually despise about nail varnishes it’s the smell and I feel like this range is about to be a game changer, There are 4 soft matte shades with fruity scents, they’re going to be perfect for the spring time and for only £3.99 each which is a huge bargain as well. I have tried a couple of Barry M’s nail varnishes before and I really liked using them, they last well and the colours are always so gorgeous as well which is always a huge bonus.

Make-up revolutions Full coverage concealer

Photo Credit – Make up revolution instagram
I know this one has been dropped already been released and pretty much everyone and their aunt is talking about the number of shades this range is holding, 18 shades. 18. I can’t stress how happy I am about this one, so many brands when they bring out concealers bring out say 5-6 (max) shades and usually they don’t suit many peoples skin tones and then Makeup revolution upped the game, Massively. Makeup Revolution has brought such a Diverse shade range out which is amazing for us fair skinned girls as well as dark-skinned girls, There’s looking like there’s a shade for all us beauties (Yassss!). You can also use these to contour as well which is really handy for travel or if you’re in a rush etc, there will for sure be a couple of these in my make up bag soon!.

Lush’s Valentines day collection (pre-release)

Photo Credit – @lushandgiggles instagram
If you haven’t spotted these goodies, you’re missing out. Lush has pre-released their Valentines collection and it’s going to steal your heart. We all know how ethical Lush are and for a couple of their products they’re made them ‘naked’ which is so perfect for those of you trying to watch your wastage and be a little more cautious about waste, one good example of this is the ‘Naked tender as the night shower cream and they’re actually twice the strength of the original shower creams which means your purse is gonna thank you a lot. As well as the Naked shower creams the range is consisting of so many eye-catching products, the ones that stand out to me most are; Cherry baby, Cherry scrub, Hair doctor and Tender is the night. What Lush product has snatched your heart this valentines day?.
All of these releases look absolutely stunning and I hope I manage to get my hands on the majority (hopefully all) of these products. Especially one of those Full coverage concealers (Makeup Revolution), The Aqua undress your skin highlight and I’m hoping to get my hands on that white peach palette, I still can’t get over that Peach ice shade!. Let me know what you’re lusting after in this list and if you enjoyed the read please give the post a share.

6 thoughts on “2018 product releases I’m excited for

  1. LUSH = yesss! I used to be allergic to lush years ago but I think they've either changed or I have – either way I am back to loving them. All brands mentioned are fab although I have never tried Too Faced products buy I see they hype and may purchase. I have the MUA highlighter in iridescent Gold and love it. Your make-up has always been good especially a wing you did the other day – TEACH ME!!!! xSophie – http://www.trafotoz.com


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