Ice Inspired Make-up.

Unless you live somewhere wonderful and tropical (if you do you’re lucky as and I’m very Jealous) You’ve most likely realised that the temperatures outside have dropped to about 2 degrees and the whole of the UK is legit having a meltdown over it, We don’t deserve this weather!, we gave up our whole summer this year!. I mean seriously though,  There’s nothing quite like stepping out from your front door and turning into a literal ice cube by the time you’ve got to the end of the garden path. I thought I’d take this opportunity to gather all of my frost inspired makeup and conquer the cold like a complete ice queen, perhaps a like a British Elsa, Except the cold definitely bothers me anyway and I don’t have any magical powers.

MUA undress me highlighter in Pearlescent shine

This highlighter was actually a gift from my best friend shout out to Courtney. Every time she wore it I’d complement how much it was glowing, it honestly looked like some sort of magical unicorn highlight (maybe an exaggeration but you have to admit it is pretty mesmerising). She actually ended up buying me the same one for Christmas and honestly, I love it. This is one of the most gorgeous highlighters I own. In the pan, it’s a bright white and on the skin, it reflects lilac. The highlight itself is really pigmented and applies evenly. I was impressed that with this highlighter I didn’t have to ‘scratch’ off the top layer as I had to with some of the earlier releases of this product so MUA have certainly upped their game there and these highlighters are like £3 which is actually amazing considering the quality of them, which I would expect from a more high-end brand I mean, isn’t it just gorgeous?. You can find this here

Tanya burr’s eye glitter in let it snow

This glitter is truly gorgeous, I picked this out of Tanya’s calendar it’s a small pot of pure white shimmer and I think it’s actually the most perfect pigment I own, it’s great for unleashing your inner ice queen in this frosty weather. The only thing I will say about this is you absolutely do need to use a primer for this one ( if you haven’t got a primer you can simply dot some concealer on your eyelids, blend it out and set it with some translucent powder) because it truly stings like a b*tch when it goes in your eyes, if you’re not careful with it (a little bit like no tears shampoo). Even though using a primer is a little more effort, the finish of this pigment is more than worth it. You could also use this as the prettiest, glitteriest highlight it pops so well on the cheekbones. You can only grab this in the Advent calendar which is currently on sale, here.
Younique pigment in Naive


This is such a gorgeous loose pigment, it’s a matte light grey/silver shade and it’s perfect for this time of year. Younique as a brand is quite ethical which I like, they also tend to stick to more natural ingredients in their products which makes it an ideal brand for us sensitive skin beauties, Even these pigments do not contain unnecessary ingredients such as talk and other fillers. I really like this pigment because it applies so smoothly and evenly they last really well and you can even use them wet for more of a pop in colour. or mix them in with other products such as clear varnishes etc for custom products (if you’d like me to show you more ways you can use a loose pigment let me know in the comments).  I like to pair this with the ‘let it snow’ pigment for a gorgeous ‘icey’ look. You can find this here

Tanya burr gloss in ice queen

I feel like I’m mentioning Tanya Burr so much but this girl has brought out some serious winter inspired make-up, I  got most of mine out of her Christmas advent calendar (btw how cute was her’s this year). This lipgloss is actually so gorgeous, even the packaging is just to die for and it smells amazing. It’s a clear gloss with white glitter through it which looks actually stunning on the lips, This would be really nice for everyday make up as well as it isn’t too ‘in your face’ although I do find you’ll need to pop it in your bag wherever you go because it can wear easily, other than that though it’s 100% worth it!. You can find this here

Technic strobe kit


I am a huge fan of this handy strobing kit it has 4 shades; 2 creams and 2 powders. The kit itself is relatively small which makes it perfect for sticking in your handbag or travelling, but you do get a good amount of product in the pan  I did a full review on this here. The shades are pink toned and bluddy gorgeous may I add. The pigment is really good considering the price it actually outshines some of my more expensive highlighters and it applies evenly, stays on well and gives you a  nice glow. For £2.41 I’m amazed at the quality of this.

Tanya Burrs glitter liner in silver 

I can’t even tell you how mesmerised I was by this liner when I saw it in my advent calendar, It’s possibly one of the most gorgeous liners I own. It’s surprisingly easy to apply which I wasn’t expecting at all and it does last well, The glitter shows up really nicely and gives you such a nice subtle sparkle. I must say I’ve been completely won over by Tanya’s products recently; the quality is really great, the price is so reasonable and the packaging is a bloggers dream. I honestly can not wait to get my hands on more of her stuff; I’ve already spotted a few baked blushes in Superdrug (but let’s save that for the summer). You can find this here.
Have you got any frost inspired makeup?, How are you dealing with the cold?.

12 thoughts on “Ice Inspired Make-up.

  1. I'm obsessed with MUA highlighters at the minute! Still not upgraded to one where you don't have to scratch off the top layer so may have to check this out! Also pretty desperate to try that Tanya Burr 'Ice Queen' lip gloss. Is it just me that thinks the name makes it even more intriguing than the colour?Eva xx


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