A budget gift guide for the January birthday

Imagine this, Christmas has completely destroyed your bank account and on new years day, you get a little text saying ‘don’t forget Jill’s birthday it’s in 6 days and you need a birthday gift, better than that, you need a cheap birthday gift. Nightmare. You’re looking at the peanuts in your bank trying to work out what you can get lovely Jill for under £10, Here are some great gift ideas for that January birthday that cost next to nothing.


My first cheap gift idea is so Easy to do, cheap to put together and it also makes the perfect personalised gift, Great right?. Simply pop down to your local Poundland or home bargains etc (sorry Jill) where you can pick up so many different kinds of skincare products, chocolates, Their favourite lipstick, accessories, anything. You can easily add a  little personalisation to your hamper with photo’s  or spelling their name on the front of the hamper, pop it all in a lovely wicker basket and wrap it in some cellophane. perfect. The thing with Hampers is they’re so versatile, you could do this for under £10 easily!.

Hit the sales

January birthdays = January sales shopping, right?. There’s going to be so many Gift’s on Clearance. A birthday is a perfect time to make the most of those half-price Bayliss and Harding sets in Tesco, I would advise against using that half-price Christmas wrap though, Jill deserves better than that. You could also recycle gifts you aren’t likely to use (just make sure they aren’t from Jill of course).

Homemade Gifts

This one is perfect for when you legit have £5 in the bank or are after something a little more special. There are many things you could make, one that comes to mind is a DIY scrub simply use olive oil, brown sugar and some essential oils or herbs and spices, extra points for popping it in a Pinterest worthy jar. This will probably set you back about £3 depending on what you already have at home, Genius. You could make them a lip scrub using the same method and pop it in a little tin for them.You can completely personalise this to your friend’s tastes and brag about how you made it just for them!.

Homemade Treats

Everyone loves a home-baked treat so this one is foolproof really, You can buy some really nice presentation jars for peanuts on eBay, Simply make up a jar of ingredients for them to bake themselves if you’re in a rush just don’t forget to write down the method and oven temperature a simple recipe for this is vanilla cupcakes, Maybe even a batch of their favourite cookies, Honestly they will be so thankful  Don’t be afraid to get creative with all of these ideas!. Another nice idea is a cookbook, especially a clean eating one if they’re on a new year health kick!

A day out

Don’t worry, I know I said budget, stay with me. I’m not suggesting that you pay out a fortune but at the same time, I’m also not going to suggest you take poor Jill to Morrisons to do her weekly shop. I think a day out is a nice idea as a gift perhaps a ticket to a theatre, afternoon tea, A trip to an art gallery, or a nice brunch. Memories are always the most precious gift.

What would you suggest for a Budget birthday?.

10 thoughts on “A budget gift guide for the January birthday

  1. Amazing.. this is so helpful! I am currently down to my last 70 euro and I have another 3 weeks to payday, brilliant. I am so glad I stumbled across your blog also, well done you on all your hard work with it! xadelelydia.blogspot.com


  2. Ah yes yes yes! I needed this so bad haha 🙂 it's my Dad's birthday on Monday and I haven't got him anything yet simply because I can't think of anything AND I don't have a great deal to spend being a freelancer D: I think I might make him a vegan chocolate cake and see what he thinks to it haha, he's always taking the mick out of my lifestyle choices but a birthday cake might shut him up :') x xEllis // http://www.elliswoolley.co.uk


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