The perfect red lippy for the festive season.

Whenever I think of  Christmas makeup, I think of red lips and gold eyes. The thing I love the most about red lipsticks is that there’s a shade for everyone. I thought I’d share with you some of my current favourite lippies for the festive season and hopefully help you find your perfect shade!.


Left to right – Rioja Red, Old  Hollywood, Mauritius Dahlia

Sleek matte me, Rioja Red – £4.99

This one is perfect if you want that statement red, perhaps for Christmas day?. It’s a bright red which is super festive, perfect for partnering with gold eyes. As I mentioned I love these lippies, they dry down so nicely, they can be a little drying but I tend to apply a lip balm beforehand to prevent any attention being drawn to cracks / dry skin. I also like the fact that the tubes are clear, that way you don’t end up with a colour that’s completely off. They also quite smudge free which is an absolute godsend.

Sleek matte me, Old Hollywood– £4.99

Personally, I prefer a darker red for day to day during the festive season as I feel a light bright red can be a bit in your face. Although some people really rock it. I’ve always been a fan of the Sleek matte me lipsticks. They’re a thinner consistency compared to The more creamy liquid lipsticks such as the body shop or NYX. They’re quite opaque especially when you apply 2 layers, which I like. Generally, they last a good 5-6 hours with minimum touch ups which is really great for day to day. This shade is a gorgeous deep red which suits so many people.

The Body Shop matte lipstick, Mauritius Dahlia £6

Say that one drunk, I can’t even pronounce it sober. Regardless, this is such a gorgeous shade it’s similar to The Sleek matte me, old Hollywood which I mentioned previously but it dries a little lighter than that one the formula is a bit different in terms of it being more creamy and thick a little like the NYX soft matte creams, However saying that it isn’t as drying but it does smudge a lot easier than the sleek ones so you may need a few more top-ups, the shade is definitely worth the extra hassle though.

Have you tried any of these lipsticks?.

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