£2.41 highlight kit?

I’ve never really been one to hoard highlighters, In my collection, I currently have 2 – one from the body shop which I use every day and a little Technique highlight kit that caught my eye today that I picked up for £2.75 (only £2.41 from Amazon). Now, as soon I picked this up I saw it was an identical dupe to the Sleek Soltice palette which I’ve had my eyes on for centuries. The kit is made up of 2 powdered highlights and 2 creams there’s 2 pink toned, one lilac and one golden. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not expecting miracles from this palette but For £2.75 what have you really got to lose?. I’m going to rate this in sections of pigment, application, packaging and brand each section will be marked /5 for the overall score.



Pigment 4/5

To be honest I thought that because of the price of this the pigment would be shocking. However, the colour pay off isn’t too bad, they actually stand out really nicely and in the light, they’re fairly blinding which is amazing. The creams for sure have more pigment than the powder but you could layer them over the top to make your highlight absolutely blinding. I think my favourite shade is the rose gold coloured cream.

Packaging 3/5

I think the packaging on this kit is really nice, it’s simple. I like the fact that it’s transparent as there’s no other indication of shades. It shuts with a clasp which I love because I don’t need whatever is in the bottom of my bag sticking to these creams, it’s quite thin which makes it good for travel but it feels a little flimsy so I’d go carefully with it. I’m going to give this one a 3 mainly based on how flimsy it feels once opened, I feel like if this was dropped you’d have one sparkly floor.

Application 4/5

The application of these is quite good, I usually use a blusher brush to apply my highlight just because it makes it a lil more blinding, So far I’ve tried one cream and one powder. They both applied quite evenly and they looked really flattering, I prefer using the cream as the powders are a little chalky I’d definitely recommend layering them for an extra blinding effect!.


The brand itself has affordable products and they’re also cruelty-free which is perfect there are also many vegan and vegetarian products. You can find out more about the brand here.
Altogether the palette scored an 11/15 which is pretty good going for something you can buy from your loose change!, I’d really recommend this one and I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for more from this brand.

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