Testing out Skintifique ‘Cleanser P’

If there’s one staple in my skincare routine it’s cleanser, It’s also the most important stage of my skin care. However, as you most likely know by now I have such sensitive skin, my skin is also quite oily in places as well as dry in others (contracting right?). Skintifique got in contact recently and told me about their Cleanser P and honestly, I’ve gotta tell you alllll about it because it’s honestly incredible.

First thing I noticed about the cleanser is that it only has 5 ingredients, yeah 5. Skintifique uses very few ingredients as radical simplicity, This basically means they believe a formula should contain the least amount of ingredients possible in order to cleanse deep in the skin without any irritation, for my sensitive skin it honestly sounded perfect.

The formula is a micellar water, now I usually struggle with these because they leave my skin proper dry. Like they just strip my skin but after trying this one out I’m really quite impressed, it seems to have removed every trace of my make up (literally) without leaving my skin feeling stripped and dry. I had no signs of irritation and my skin also felt less oily, fresher and generally cleaner.

I used The cleanser as part of my usual routine. I followed it up with some of the Botanics toning spray and the body shop’s vitamin E cream. I noticed that my make up almost melted underneath the cotton pad which was really reassuring as usually if my make up is left on I can break out pretty bad.

The brand itself has very good morals, the cleanser is vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly. The products are hypoallergenic and tolerance tested. Overall I’m really enjoying this cleanser and I’d be happy to repurchase it.

Have you tried this cleanser?.