Beauty products that save me time in the morning.

I am not a early bird, never have been with that being said I like things that make my morning routine quick (that way I can snooze the alarm one last time). The products I’m about to mention almost half my daily routine so I thought I’d share them with you in case like me, you don’t do mornings and to the best of my knowledge all of these products are cruelty free!.

Soap and glory clean on me 

For me showering in the morning is just a nightmare especially when you have to moisturise etc afterwards, like I still shower (obviously) but instead of using a get and moisturiser I’ve opted for the soap and glory clean on me which is a shower cream with lots of moisturising ingredients in like shea and mandarin peel it’s a body lotion at the same time which means I don’t have to faff about after my shower waiting for a moisturiser to soak in I can jut carry on getting ready.
Batiste dry shampoo
I am a pain in the arse when it comes to washing my hair, like I don’t mind washing it but I hate drying it with a passion. I never go a day without this in my cupboard it comes in so useful.I mean it will make your roots look grey but I think that’s a small price to pay to not have to attempt to dry a head full of hair in 10 minutes

Too faced peach gloss


When I last placed an order on Too faced I received one of these as part of a promotion in the shade ‘pure peach’ and as soon as I tested it my first response was ‘wow that’s super moisturising’. Whilst I’m not too sure if it’s supposed to be used in place of a lip balm sometimes I just use it as one, for me lip balm is a pain in the arse and in my experiences if you don’t let it soak in enough then whatever you put on top just falls off essentially so I just do a couple coats of this and I’m ready to go. Ooh and it literally suits any eye make up bonus.

Boots cleansing wipes 

I hardly ever use face wipes, when I was like 15 I used to use them all the time until I realised how bad they can be for your skin, especially when you buy 3 packs for £1 from poundland looking at you past Charlie. For the past couple of years I’ve swore by a cleanser and cotton pads but sometimes you’ve just gotta think fuck it I’m in a rush, as I don’t do this very often I just picked up a pack for £1 from Boots and I actually am enjoying the convenience of not messing around with cotton pads or cream wash off cleansers when I’m in a rush.

Do you have any products that cut your routine time, let me know!