My updated skin routine for combination skin

My skin is a pain in the arse. There, I said it. It’s oily, more sensitive than my personality and it’s mega dry some days. I thought I’d share today a lil bit about my skincare routine and what works for me. Hopefully, this helps some of you that also have the dreaded oily skin.


Personally, I loove a good micellar water they’re easy to use and they’re just a bit quicker and easier than a wash off cleanser (lazyyyy). At the moment I’m using the Boots micellar water to refresh my skin.


I didn’t even know toners existed until like last year, I’m not going to lie to you but since using one I can tell the difference. I like the Botanics spray toner (cruelty-free). The spray is natural and it really does give your skin a little perk up, also I love the fact it’s in a spray bottle so you haven’t got to mess about with cotton pads. 


My moisturizer changes from morning to evening, In the morning I prefer something light with SPF in but I don’t want my skin to be overly oily through the day, I like The Body Shop Aloe SPF (cruelty-free). For this, it’s also a great size for travel perfect. For the evening, however, I couldn’t give a sh*t about how oily my skin is it’s not like I’m going on a mad midnight photoshoot. I like something nice and hydrating and thick enough to work into my skin overnight I use The BodyShop vitamin E 24-hour hydrating face cream (cruelty-free) this makes my skin lovely and soft for the morning.


That’s my main skincare done and if I needed to just strip back then I’ only mention what I’ve mentioned above. However, I find that sometimes you need a touch more than that and the products I use for that are The Body Shop Tea Tree targeted gel for any spots that pop up unexpectedly I usually leave this overnight and after roughly 2-3 days of using it, they’re cleared. I also like to scrub my skin using the St.Ives Apricot scrub which I have to start doing more… someone remind me? At the moment I use it weekly but I ought to really use it 2-3 times a week to clear up any blackheads etc.

What skincare do you use? What would you recommend?.