How to unplug from social media.

Being addicted to social media is essentially the norm nowadays, especially if you’re a blogger or you work within social media – sometimes it can be tricky to pull the plug and actually switch off. Social media is a great thing, it lets you connect with new people and for some people, it has become a career but how much is too much? Sometimes it can be misleading and seeing photos of huge mansions, a bag full of money, people who have had a lot of plastic surgery and just huge expectations, Sometimes you really need to just unplug – take 30 and just focus on you.



For me, exercise is one of the only times I actually switch off. Perhaps because you can’t exactly hold a phone whilst doing the downward facing dog. Yoga is my preferred exercise it’s not too tough but it still puts you in your own bubble the breathing exercises can be used in everyday situations when you’re stressed to help you chill as well, which is a bonus. I’m currently doing 30 days of yoga.


Proper treat yourself, you know those most expensive luxury brands you tuck away?… use em all. Run a bath, moisturize, light candles and just chill, even if it’s for half an hour. You most likely need it.
Take a walk
Leave your phone in your bag, or pocket and take a wonder, usually, I pop mine on do not disturb if I need to unplug. Even if you only walk around the block a couple of times, just refresh. Chill, you deserve it

How do you unplug from social media?.

10 thoughts on “How to unplug from social media.

  1. Ugh yes this is such a great idea. We are surrounded by social media 24/7 and as a journalism student and blogger, we're always on social media/ the internet in search for the next story or blog post inspiration.Such a good post and definitely taking this advice xx


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