4 lovely things to do this autumn

As I’m sure you’re aware, I just love autumn. I hate the summer, to be honest, it’s sweaty it’s overrated and there are too many bugs and wasps for my liking. Autumn is the perfect combination of cool crisp weather and beautiful fiery colours, I’ve decided to put together a few things you can do through winter.


Take up some DIY projects

As much as we all love Autumn we can’t deny that it rains most of the time during it, having some projects to keep you busy will be a nice cosy way to pass the time and you may even save yourself some money in the process. I have a Pinterest board full of DIY projects if you’re stuck for ideas.

Forest walks

As I mentioned, one of my favourite things about autumn is the fiery colours, when me and my sister were younger we used to dive into all the golden leaves near a small church on the way to town, walking through the forest is so nice to do in the Autumn, the leaves crunch beneath your feet and you can get some really good photos (just be sure to you take your raincoat).


Let’s face it, it’s no surprise that I love baking (I’ve actually got a brownie cake in the oven as I’m writing this, it smells great). I especially love baking through Autumn as the recipes are more warming such as pies and crumbles, there’s nothing better than serving them with some ice cream and sticking on a film.

Binge on Netflix / Youtube

Following on from that one, You need something to watch whilst you’re snuggled in your blanket on the sofa, with the fire going whilst you eat your apple crumble (did I just create the perfect scene, yes I think so). A couple of series I’m loving at the minute are pretty little liars (which I may have watched 4 times in a row, oops), Jane the Virgin, The big bang theory and I really want to start the Gilmore girls. For youtube I recommend Zoella, Louise Pentland, Meg Says and if you fancy you can check out my channel here!.

What Have you got planned for this autumn?