A lil’ body shop top up

If there’s one place I love to have a lil mooch around it’s the Body shop, walking around spritzing all the smellies trying out the lotions ~ heaven ~ and although I didn’t have the time to go and have my usual mooch around the shop, I did manage to order some classics and new favourites online.


Firstly I’ll start with the make-up I wont be going into too much detail with this because I’ll be buying a couple more bits and doing a ‘testing body shop make up’ over on my YouTube channel and if that’s something you’d like to see you can subscribe here to catch it!. I picked up the contour palette in light, a matte liquid lipstick in Mauritius Dahlia and a Eye colour stick in Cyprus Bronze. From a first glance all of these products look lovely, I haven’t done any swatches though, I’ll save everything for the video!.

On too skincare which I can share a little more about. I absolutely adore the body shop mists usually I go for my classic mango but I decided to switch it up and go for Pink grapefruit, this scent is so zesty and sweet and it is perfect for the summer.

Next I picked up one of my absolute favourite body butters which is the green tea, I just finished off a tub the day before my parcel arrived (Thankyou Royal Mail). This butter not only smells very crisp and fresh but it isn’t too over powering at the same time. Although, to be honest this could smell like I’d bathed in green tea and I’d still use it – the quality is incredible this is one of the only products that has actually made a noticeable difference to my dry sensitive skin and I could rave about it for hours.

I decided to treat myself and take a little risk at the same time, Usually I wouldn’t go for a product from the tea tree range just because it’s pretty strong and my skin is quite sensitive and the two just do not mix. However, I saw a targeted gel for blemishes and as a suffer of adult acne I feel like I’ve tried everything. At this point I just hope it’ll clear by itself, anyway I picked this up and I’ve been using it for about 2-3 nights (I use after moisturiser before bed and leave through the night) and I can see the difference already. Those huge scary spots *poof* gone. The product itself has a ‘dofer applicator’ a little like a concealer it’s very precise which makes it so easy.

I am thrilled with everything I picked up and don’t forget if you’d like to see my first impressions on the make up don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube!.

wouldn’t you just love to bathe in tea tho?.