How you can make money through blogging.

If you’re a blogger you’re most likely to know you can make an income with your blog. Obviously it’s not a mandatory thing but who doesn’t need a lil’ spare cash, you could even buy that cute dress you’ve had your eye on for a while. Although you may know you can make money blogging, that doesn’t mean you necessarily know how you can do so, so if you’d like to know go and grab a beverage of choice and get cosy because I’m about to break it down for ya.


Google ad-sense


Google ad-sense is a really easy place to start for making money with your blog, you simply sign up with your google account, If you’re using a blogger platform you can find google ad sense in your sidebar, google then display relevant ads on your blog and you gain a commission from clicks and impressions. I’ve read that you can use google ad sense on other blogging platforms as well.


Sponsored posts / PR companies

As a blogger, you’re likely to recognise this as the most obvious way to make money, you’re essentially advertising for a company on your blog. I know bloggers large following who can charge £50, £80 even more per sponsored post but you can set your own prices depending on the time it takes you,, the research you need to do etc. You can also be sent product to review and although that technically isn’t making money, you will save a heck of a lot in the long run.
If you’re looking for brands to work with you can use – bloggers required or the blogger programme which are both free sites that connect brands and bloggers, I use both myself and I highly recommend them.

Affiliate links

Affiliate links are really great, you display links and products through your blog and you receive a small commission when a reader buys through those links. You can use free sites such as shop my style to find affiliate programmes for your blog.
I really hoped you found this post useful and you now know how you can generate a income form your blog.
Charlie xx