handy tips to keep your beauty sh*t organised

I’ve heard a lot about ‘minimalism’ recently and although I’m not a hard-core one pair of trousers kind of gal, I’ve always lived a clear, decluttered lifestyle. I mainly live this way because of my money situation but I don’t like to dwell on it after all this is the life I’m blessed with and if having a nice clear, decluttered lifestyle sounds like a dream to you – I wanted to share how I manage it.

‘The circle of life’

lil’ Lion King reference for you there (I know you sung that one in your head). With this I mean your clothes, make up and shoes have a lifespan. The make up goes out of date, the clothes and shoes get scruffed  and then boom you’ve got a full bin bag wondering why you spent so much money on it all.
Make – Up – You may, or may not know that make up does go out of date, take a peak at the little jar on the back of your product, usually things last roughly 12 months but if you need a rough estimate I’d say:
So keeping this in mind I only buy what I know I’ll use in the timeframe given. If I’m going to drop £40 on a palette – those pans better be shining like a damn diamond by the time that 12 months rolls around. I generally keep a little masking tape on products saying ‘opened _’ just to remind me when to throw it out.
Clothing – With clothes obviously they don’t need throwing out at a specific time or anything but they might get scruffy or damaged over time. I tend to only buy what I know I’m going to wear which honestly, doesn’t always work, to be honest – impulse buys are my weakness but I’m working on it. I’m attempting to only buy clothes that match with a few of the things I already own too save on space and money. I usually take my old clothes down to the charity shop (You never know you might find a bargain whilst you’re there).
Shoes – To be honest, I don’t buy a lot of shoes, I don’t really have the money for that and 90% of time I end up always wearing my nikes anyway, for comfort. At the minute I only have 3 pairs (nikes, boots and flip flops) and that suits me fine because they match all of my clothes. I am going to look for 1 pair of nice going out shoes next time I treat myself but if I can’t really afford it at the time then, I’m not hugely bothered by it.

keeping the place clutter free

For me a clean house, is a happy house. I always feel in my element when the place is spacious, clean and tidy and as me and my boyfriend haven’t long moved into somewhere new our flat is exactly that, which I love!. I like the things that I own to bring me joy, have value, make me remember an event – tell a story almost. I used to just buy things because I could I thought ‘why not there’s a sale on’ or ‘well I haven’t got one of these so…’ but I’m really starting to stop that (and I’m doing pretty well, if I do say so myself).
I like to keep letters organised instead of just chucking them on top of the fridge like I used to allllways do, whoops (!!). I’m even thinking about getting one of those file organisers, like a office queen. I usually chuck things that are broken and I try and keep junk to a 2 storage box minimum (not always easy admittedly).
When I buy a product to replace something I already have I generally send the used one to a charity shop or I pop it on Ebay that way I don’t end up with 50,000 of the same thing (btw cushions and candles do not count, everyone needs cushions and candles).
How do you keep your shit organised?,
Charlie xx
I really must stop those impulse buys.

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