New Rimmel ‘Magnifeyes shadow’ palette review & swatches

To be honest I was a bit stuck for a post idea today, I decided to go and have a little mooch around my local boots when I spotted the Rimmel London counter with some new product on & who doesn’t love themselves some just out products, right?. I picked up the shade 002 ‘London nudes calling’. My first impressions on this palette were good, I hadn’t seen a Rimmel palette before this with as many shades (correct me if I’m wrong). The shades look pretty from a first glance and it looks as if there could be a few looks made from this palette and the packaging is dreamy. I’m going to rate this out of 15 and break it up in to sections of 5 so you can see a more in depth review but first the swatches!. I’m comparing this mainly to other drugstore palettes of the same price range for fairness.




The colours in this palette are so dreamy, There’s rosey shades, bronzey shades and even some pretty purples. From the swatches I can tell first off there’s only one matte shade in the whole palette and that’s the worst pigmented from the lot. However, the pigment in the shimmer shadows oh my lord is great!. The colour pay off is really good in my opinion and the shades do work together very well. The combinations suggested on the back work together well and the shadows seem very easy to blend out. However I do feel there will be some fall out of the shimmers. Overall I’ll give this a 4/5 due to the amount of shimmers vs mattes.


The packaging on this is super cute a black base, clear lid and a rose gold title, It’s quite simple which is very dreamy for someone who will most likely drop it into quite a few flat lays on Instagram, It looks like it’ll photograph nicely next to other products but obviously this isn’t everyone’s main concern (unless you love a good insta). The packaging is nice and thin making it travel friendly and it appears to be fairly sturdy so I wouldn’t be worried about chucking it in my white handbag. It has a lovely satisfying clasp on it (you know the one) which stays shut nicely. The back of the palate shows you some different looks and how to achieve them which is obviously great if you need a little inspo. Also ‘magnifeyes’- like c’mon who doesn’t like a good pun. Overall I’m giving this a 5/5 for packaging.


The application of these shadows is good, as I said the shades work well. The shadows are nice to work with because they’re quite easy they are to blend there is a little fallout though, the shadows last well but the glitter tends to linger a little – hense why I’m about to look like I’ve taken a dive in some fairy dust from where I did the swatches (all for the name of blogging). Personally I’m not a fan of the matte shade because no matter how much I build it up it looks so dull next to those glitters which are pretty bold. However, I’m really looking forward to using this properly and trying out some new looks 3/5 for application.

Overall I give this palette a 12/15
compared to brands such as Maybelline, Barry M and MUA.
Bon Voyage writers block!.
Charlie xx

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6 thoughts on “New Rimmel ‘Magnifeyes shadow’ palette review & swatches

  1. Oh wow – lovely post. This looks like a total dupe for the Naked 2 palette! Love that you've done a comparison to other drug store brands – that is super helpful as I love a good eye shadow palette so it's great to know where this one 'ranks' 🙂 Kate x


  2. Thankyou, I haven't tried that palette yet (I know WHERE have I been) but it does look similar, thanks – I thought that's be handy for anyone who uses high end and drugstore because if I was comparing it too high end it might not have rated anywhere near.Charlie xx


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